2012 In Review: Top 10 Books

I love reading, so one of the many enjoyable aspects of my job here at Silver & Grace is reading and reviewing books. Not only do I learn something new with each book, but I get to pass along excellent resources to other people. The total bonus to all this is I now count many of the authors I have reviewed among my friends here in the Silver & Grace community.

Each book I review is available through Amazon, so I pulled a report for the full year to see which books Silver & Grace readers are purchasing. Here is the Top Ten Most Purchased Books list. Enjoy!

2012 Top Ten Silver & Grace Most Purchased Books

#1 Going Gray

#2 The Beauty Blueprint

#3 Female Brain Gone Insane

#4 Discover Your Psychic Type

#5 If I’m So Smart Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

#6 Law of Attraction

#7 Lost and Found

#8 The MindBody FX Lifestyle

#9 You Are Not Your Brain

#10 Meals That Heal Inflammation

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