Are you a spiritual intuitive?

Welcome to the fifth and final post in a series on intuitive style. To recap, the first post was about the four categories of intuitive style based on Sherrie Dillard’s book Discover Your Psychic Type. The second post was about what an emotional intuitive is. The third post explained what a mental intuitive is. The fourth post explored the characteristics of a physical intuitive.

We wrap up this series by exploring what a spiritual intuitive is.

What does a spiritual intuitive experience?

Spiritual intuitives draw their strength through the intangible world. They prefer to soar in the cosmos rather than live in the physical world. Spiritual intuitives also:

  • quickly immerse themselves in bliss and ecstasy
  • have no planned agenda, goal or destination
  • live a rich dream life
  • experience precognitive dreams and visions

How does a spiritual intuitive impact those around them?

Spiritual intuitives encourage us to live outside of the mundane. They remind us that a rich spiritual world exists that can be experienced. They also:

  • can communicate with the spirit world on our behalf
  • perform energy work such as Reiki and healing touch
  • assist us with deep trances, toning and chanting

What are the pitfalls of being a spiritual intuitive?

Living in the physical world can almost be an agony for spiritual intuitives. They have difficulty performing day-to-day tasks such as paying bills and tracking time. They long to live outside of the mundane and find it hard to connect at a tangible level. As a result they can experience the following physical ailments:

  • mercurial episodes of extreme ecstasy to despair and indifference
  • escapism addictions to alcohol and drugs
  • headaches and dizziness
  • thyroid and glandular issues

How can a spiritual intuitive stay healthy and well balanced?

Spiritual intuitives need to employ a lot of grounding techniques so as not to get lost in the cosmos. To avoid feeling lonely and lost, they do well seeking out a spiritual leader and becoming part of a spiritual community. Yoga, message therapy and healing touch can also help balance their energy.

Making the most of being a spiritual intuitive

Spiritual intuitives often have a hard time understanding why they exist in the physical realm, and it makes it hard for them to connect to people. However, when they are able to ground themselves, they are able to take people into the spiritual realm. They enhance our lives by showing us the beauty and mysteries of other realms, lifting us out of the mundane and into the heavens.

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