Are you a spiritual intuitive?

Welcome to the fifth and final post in a series on intuitive style. To recap, the first post was about the four categories of intuitive style based on Sherrie Dillard’s book Discover Your Psychic Type. The second post was about what an emotional intuitive is. The third post explained what a mental intuitive is. The fourth post explored the characteristics of a physical intuitive.

We wrap up this series by exploring what a spiritual intuitive is.

What does a spiritual intuitive experience?

Spiritual intuitives draw their strength through the intangible world. They prefer to soar in the cosmos rather than live in the physical world. Spiritual intuitives also:

  • quickly immerse themselves in bliss and ecstasy
  • have no planned agenda, goal or destination
  • live a rich dream life
  • experience precognitive dreams and visions

How does a spiritual intuitive impact those around them?

Spiritual intuitives encourage us to live outside of the mundane. They remind us that a rich spiritual world exists that can be experienced. They also:

  • can communicate with the spirit world on our behalf
  • perform energy work such as Reiki and healing touch
  • assist us with deep trances, toning and chanting

What are the pitfalls of being a spiritual intuitive?

Living in the physical world can almost be an agony for spiritual intuitives. They have difficulty performing day-to-day tasks such as paying bills and tracking time. They long to live outside of the mundane and find it hard to connect at a tangible level. As a result they can experience the following physical ailments:

  • mercurial episodes of extreme ecstasy to despair and indifference
  • escapism addictions to alcohol and drugs
  • headaches and dizziness
  • thyroid and glandular issues

How can a spiritual intuitive stay healthy and well balanced?

Spiritual intuitives need to employ a lot of grounding techniques so as not to get lost in the cosmos. To avoid feeling lonely and lost, they do well seeking out a spiritual leader and becoming part of a spiritual community. Yoga, message therapy and healing touch can also help balance their energy.

Making the most of being a spiritual intuitive

Spiritual intuitives often have a hard time understanding why they exist in the physical realm, and it makes it hard for them to connect to people. However, when they are able to ground themselves, they are able to take people into the spiritual realm. They enhance our lives by showing us the beauty and mysteries of other realms, lifting us out of the mundane and into the heavens.

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  1. Two lines really jumped out at me. “Living in the physical world can almost be an agony for spiritual intuitives.” and “Spiritual intuitives often have a hard time understanding why they exist in the physical realm.”

    It can be agony when things seem so clear to one but no one else sees what you see. I used to tell people I was adopted because I just couldn’t understand how I could be part of the family I lived in…they were all so different for me. The other thing is that I have always had an acute realization that I am a spiritual being in a human existence.

    Great series, Eliza. You are a blessing!

    • @Linda – I am very much a member of my family. We are all totally kooky LOL Re: It can be agony when things seem so clear to one but no one else sees what you see. … oh boy, do I get that. As an emotional intuitive I find is soul sucking working within an organization of Old Boys Club management. Drives me INSANE because they cannot SEE how to empower and motivate people. It is so bloody obvious. Sigh.

  2. Hello Eliza great subject,
    I feel like you have “hit the nail on the head” personally. I have dreams, and usually just pass them off anymore. I used to write them down in my dream journal. To my surprise at first, my dreams would play out in reality clip by clip, just a few days later.
    Occasionally, I will have a moment of “bliss” i suppose. The other day for example, I was just walking down the stairs and I stopped halfway down. I was overcome with joy. My head felt light, and my body warm and loose. My mind was making my eyes almost roll into the back of my head, as if i were drunk. All I could do was giggle! The thought that was on my mind in this moment was NOT a thought, but an idea or image without words. What was on my mind was the “reality” of the moment. Like a spark of “aloof” that just took over my entire being. I was happy.
    jasmine´s last blog post ..4th Anniversary Gifts

    • @Jasmine – what an awesome description of an ecstatic experience. It is something that is very hard to describe too. When I get waves like that I burst into tears. Which is rather disconcerting because they actually tears of joy, but that is hard to explain to people :)

  3. I loved the idea of grounding with yoga and massage, but this is not a description of me in any way shape or form…Though I wonder why I am here – I think that is more about curiosity and being an introvert. Now off to read the other posts!
    Patricia´s last blog post ..Exercising the Emotions II

  4. Dearest Eliza, this is a FABULOUS post!! Wow!! I wanted to be here sooner, but we have a family member going through bypass heart surgery. So much went on hold. BUT!! I read this and was just blown away. Again it felt like you were talking about me.

    What I found interesting after reading all these posts, is that I seem to relate STRONGLY to ALL of them. And realized that I seem to be all of the 4 categorizes, and strongly so. The one that I am not quite as drawn to would be the “Mind” category, yet I found reading about it fascinating. And as I read it I thought how my husband would probably disagree with me, as would many people who know me. Because they always say that I have a keen intuitive mind. Maybe it’s just that I’m not quite as drawn to that aspect.

    The other thing I found interesting is the pitfalls you listed here. The only one I experience is they thyroid issues. And recently I am REALLY connecting them with the realization of how MUCH I need to look after myself, take time alone, meditate. I can’t live in the same manner that I often see other around me living and doing. So your lists/posts/YOU have been POWERFUL confirmation for me. Thank you, thank you!!!

    I taught toning for years and ran both a men’s and women’s group, and I recently started toning with my husband. It is so powerful, and reaches places to help me relax, that words (or anything else) does not reach….except maybe being with nature. I am highly sensitive to sound, and can simply hear a voice on an answering machine and see things about the person, even a serious undiagnosed illness, which is latter confirmed.

    The other thing I am doing more of. id being “with” nature. I HAVE to have that time daily. It grounds me and ALWAYS reminds me who I REALLY am. It makes me feel stronger, centered, and not only that life is okay, but that all things are possible.

    I guess in short, I am learning what I need in my life to remain healthy and balanced. And those things are crucial for me. When I lived in the wild far away from so much static, demands, etc. I didn’t have to worry about taking time for myself, or centering, or grounding, etc. It was simply part of daily living. My whole life was a meditation.

    So now that I exploring living in my culture, reading your lists of things we need to stay healthy and aware of (for each category) has been invaluable for me. I cannot tell you how much this series means to me. And the timing of it was crucial for me, as well. So bless you SO much for taking the time to share in this way, with each part broken down. You did SUCH a good job.

    You encourage us to trust what our hearts already know to be true, but may have been overlayed with the way most of my culture lives. You are SUCH a gift Eliza, you REALLY are. Thank you from my heart. Robin
    Robin Easton´s last blog post ..Life- Firsthand

    • @Robin – sounds like you are trying to acclimatize. And while you are trying to move ‘into this culture’ to a degree I am trying to move ‘out of this culture’ :) We both have some adjusting to do, and I am sure we can learn from each other. And you hit my raison d’être bang on … guiding women to TRUST WHAT YOUR HEARTS ALREADY KNOW TO BE TRUE. I passionately want every woman to embrace this. Thank you so much for reiterating it.

  5. I’ve read all four types now. I am most certain I am the mental intuitive.

    “Mental intuitives absolutely need to quiet their minds, and generally meditation doesn’t work. At least the kind where they have to sit quietly. That just keeps the mind churning. Instead, they need physical activity to break their thought processes. ” This is my routine as an introvert. I’m best with going along with a chakra clearing and using the Sedona Technique to break away from my feelings from my thoughts.

    I wonder, did the author’s book see any correlations between the intuitive types and introvert/extrovert?

    • @Patricia – I can see being a business coach and being a mental intuitive as a very natural fit. No, the book does not go into introversion/extroversion. That would make for very interesting exploration … hmmmmm …..

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