Attitude of Gratitude Meditation

Gratitude MeditationWelcome to the next article in my learning series on how to partner with your spirit guides. If you are just joining in now, you can read the previous articles here:

Partner With Your Spirit Guides

In the previous two meditations, Ground & Center and Release Strong Emotions, you learned techniques for releasing negative energy. In this meditation you will learn to enhance your positive energy.

Creating an aura of positive energy within and around yourself is essential for partnering with your spirit guides. Here’s the thing, and this is very important. There are positive energy guides and there are negative energy guides. That’s right, there are negative spirit dudes who are very willing to guide you.

You do NOT want guidance from negative spirit dudes!

The challenge is that you attract guides based on the energy that you put out. Negative energy out, negative energy in. Positive energy out, positive energy in.

You DO want guidance from positive spirit dudes!

The fastest and best way to create positive energy is by adopting an attitude of gratitude. I recommend starting every single day off with this meditation. I do! In fact, on the occasions I forget or simply cannot be bothered, something always seems to go a bit off during the day. Too many skipped days and life starts to suck. Do yourself a huge favour and take the five minutes to start each morning with an attitude of gratitude.

  1. with your eyes closed take a couple of deep cleansing breaths and continue to breathe deeply throughout the meditation
  2. silently, or out loud if you want, say “I am grateful for all the wonderful things that happened yesterday.”
  3. then list them, everything you can think of, big, medium, and small. For example “I am grateful for smile from that stranger on the bus. I am grateful that the rain held off until I got all the groceries inside. I am grateful that my coffee card was filled up and I got a free coffee.” List everything you can think of from the day before.
  4. when you have exhausted your list say “I open myself up to experience more totally awesome things today.”

You are now ready to leave the meditation. Say to yourself “I am coming back into myself. 3. 2. 1.” Then slowly open your eyes.

At first, you might not have a very long list. I can guarantee, however, that with each consecutive day you do this meditation, the longer and longer your list will get. That would be your positive energy guides at work.

Gracefully yours,

~ Eliza


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