Book Review: Jennifer Johnson is Sick of Being Married

Jennifer Johnson is Sick of Being Married. What a romp!

Of course, you know by the title that this is not going to end nicely, but the one-liners that Heather McElhatton comes up with is worth the read alone.

Crazy, funny stuff and I will never, ever forget the phrase ‘chocolate starfish’ – no matter how much I want to! Read this book, have some laughs and be scarred for life forever.

Not for the weakhearted….or Christians.

Jill Graves is a Silver & Grace Book Reviewer. Jilly-Bean is Eliza’s go to gal when she needs reassurance that men, children, bosses, co-workers, and pets are all insane; whereas, Eliza is clearly not. Every woman needs a friend like that.

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Jennifer Johnson is Sick of Being Married  is available through Amazon: Jennifer Johnson Is Sick of Being Married: A Novel

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