Book Review: Perimenopause Have It Live It Love It

When I entered my forties, I decided I was going to proactively investigate perimenopause so I could face this phase of my life head on. There is a lot of really good information out there. A lot! Which creates a challenge. How can one possibly assimilate all the information so that it is useful?

Pam Andrews had the exact same goal as me and the exact same challenge. However, she took it one step further and consolidated all the information into her book Perimenopause: Have It Love It Live It. She figured if she wanted the information neatly summarized, then so did other women.

Have It Live It Love It is succinctly written, which I really like. Pam throws in some conversational humour, but the information is laid out in a very straight forward manner. Bada bing bada boom. The practical facts are easy to read, easy to process, and easy to find later when you start experiencing hot flashes and are desperate to quickly find out which remedies will help cool you down.

If you are wondering what the heck is happening to your body, or want to be prepared for what could happen to your body, it’s all in Have It Live It Love it.

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Perimenopause: Have It Live It Love is available for download. I downloaded my copy then sent it to my Kindle, but for those of you who have not jumped on the eReader bandwagon yet, you can read it from your computer. Just click here to grab your copy: Have It Live It Love It

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