Book Review: Safe Within

This is the second time is as many weeks that I have reviewed a book about a widow moving on with her life after her beloved spouse dies. Yikes – I hope this isn’t an omen!

Safe Within, by Jean Reynolds Page, is a story about Elaine and her grown son, Mick. It focuses on the relationship they have (or don’t have) with their mother-in-law/grandmother, Greta, whom they haven’t been in contact with in almost 30 years.

In my last book review, I whined that the book lacked dialogue. Well, this book is rich in dialogue and the characters are well developed. My disbelief about this story is the way in which the relationships deteriorated…and why. This just isn’t within my realm of experience.

So….this book is about secrets, and what those secrets can do to family. My challenge for you would be for you to ask yourself….do you have family secrets? In what way do they impact your life….and would they still impact you if the secrets were revealed?

Read Safe Within to see what happens to Elaine and Mick as the truth is exposed.

Jill Graves is a Silver & Grace Book Reviewer. Jilly-Bean is Eliza’s go to gal when she needs reassurance that men, children, bosses, co-workers, and pets are all insane; whereas, Eliza is clearly not. Every woman needs a friend like that.

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Safe Within is available through Amazon: Safe Within: A Novel

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