Book Review: The Forgetting Tree

Usually when I write my book reviews, I write them as soon as I have finished reading.  I finished the Forgetting Tree, by Tatjana Soli, over one week ago and have since been mulling over what to write.

The Forgetting Tree is a story about Claire, a woman who has been diagnosed with cancer.   She hires Minna to help her with this stage in her life, a woman with a mysterious past.  Claire is a Californian ranch owner and I enjoyed the descriptions of ranch life.  I also enjoyed the suspense of not knowing whether Minna was a friend or a foe as the story unfolds.

What I didn’t like was the lingering question in the back of my mind … just what was the point of this story?  Am I too dumb to get it?  I think so.  Maybe someone will read this book and enlighten me….I would truly appreciate it.

Jill Graves is a Silver & Grace Book Reviewer. Jilly-Bean is Eliza’s go to gal when she needs reassurance that men, children, bosses, co-workers, and pets are all insane; whereas, Eliza is clearly not. Every woman needs a friend like that.

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