Book Review: The Tao of Turning 50

I just finished reading The Tao of Turning 50 by Jennifer Boire. I am 65 years old, well past menopause but curious to see what I might not have known. I love the Tao theory and love it when applied to different subjects about life.

I am so happy to have this book and will share it with my 40-ish daughter. The trick will be getting her to take time to read it. The subject matter is truly what she needs to face. Slowing down to live and enjoy herself and her own body. Something many of us need to learn to do. Please if you are in this age bracket, get this book and read it like you would a bible.

I particularly like that in the short 120+ pages, Jennifer has given so much information. More than just her discourse on turning 50, but also quotes and links to other available books and websites on the subject.

It is written in a journal format allowing the reader the convenience to do some exercises chapter by chapter. It enforces and clears up each bit of advice along the way. The journaling makes it more effective. I have learned that writing something down puts it in my brain and is more apt to be retained.

I learned even at my age, something of value that I didn’t see when it happened to me back in those crucial years. At that time, I just muddled my way through and probably made it worse for myself and my family, not taking the bull by the horns and defeating the ugly monster.

We, as women, can never know too much about our bodies; and need, to accept and cherish ourselves.

If we don’t take care, who will?

Kathy Weber is a very active member of the Silver & Grace community and one of our official Book Reviewers. She is 64 years old, retired and loves to read informative, self help, nonfiction books. She is a wife, mother, and grandmother and now enjoys her free time to do what makes her happy. Reading is one of them.

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The Tao of Turning 50 has the Silver & Grace Seal of Approval as an excellent resource for women. It is available through Amazon.

The Tao of Turning Fifty: What Every Woman in Her Forties Needs to Know (Volume 1)

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