Book Review: The Women’s Health Big Book of Yoga

The Women's Health Big Book of YogaI love yoga, but I have a character flaw. I am horrible at working to someone else’s schedule. So, attending yoga classes doesn’t work for me. I have learned to not even buy a membership; I will lose my money through non attendance.

I have tried yoga videos. Most assume that you already know the poses and whip through the sequences. This leaves me frustrated. I have found a couple of yoga DVDs that I really enjoy, but once I have been through the half dozen sequences I get bored … which would be another character flaw I have.

But, I must do yoga. First, because it really helps me balance my mind and body. Second, because when I do not do yoga, my sciatic nerve starts screaming in the middle of the night. So, I went off to find an instructional book that perhaps I could follow.


The Women’s Health Big Book of Yoga is awesome!

I read the introductory first forty pages and found I loved Kathyrn Budig’s style which combines her yoga expertise with a sense of humour and common sense practicality. Anyone who has taken my workshops knows I am ALL about learning something based on humour and common sense practicality.

Then I moved onto the poses. The large photographs break down each part of a pose very clearly and important notes about body positions are pointed out with text and arrows.

There are two hundred and thirty-one poses and forty-two sequences, so I am not getting bored any time soon. I can also grab the book and perform as many poses as I have time for, any time I want.

If you are a total newbie to yoga or already have some experience and want to learn new poses, grab this book! Then roll out your yoga mat and have at ‘er.


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