Book Review: What Should I Do With The Rest Of My Life?

I am a huge sucker for real life stories. You can throw all the theory at me you like, but I want to see the rubber hit the road. Where real people accomplish real things. What Should I Do With The Rest Of My Life?, by Bruce Frankel, is chock full of real people accomplishing very real things.

And the truly unique part about their stories? These accomplishments occurred after what we traditionally think of as retirement age.

Frankel starts the Introduction with the following:

“This is a book of profiles of people who have succeeded after sixty. Their stories are not simply examples of successful aging, they are inspirational in the truest sense … They do not so much defy age as defy the limitation that our culture places on age … “

Each story made me sit up and go “Wow, they are how old and doing that?”

My husband doesn’t need to read the book because at the end of each chapter I excitedly described the person, their age, and what they have accomplished. “Can you believe that?”, I would end each summary with.

Thirteen people are profiled, with accomplishments ranging from physical to artistic to political to entrepreneurial. All ordinary people who discovered passions after sixty.

Who knew you could become an elite runner without having run your first race until your sixtieth birthday? Or become a professional dancer in your seventies? Or write award winning novels in your nineties?

No word of a lie, this book caused me to stop procrastinating and sign up for a half-marathon race. I won’t come anywhere close to Margie Stoll’s race times, but at almost thirty years her junior I better be able to cross the finish line.

Reading the different stories, there doesn’t appear to be any common thread that you can point to and say “Aha! That’s why they driven to follow their passions so late in life.” Interestingly, however, Frankel points out the following commonality:

“As unique as each is, as a group the individuals in What Should I Do with the Rest of My Life? have done what scientists tell us we should do: they maintain healthy diets, exercise regularly, challenge themselves, fill their lives with novel experiences and varied social connections.”

Isn’t this what we should all be doing throughout our entire lives?

If so, we are setting ourselves up for some pretty spectacular accomplishments later in life. I wonder what mine will be?

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Do you know of anyone who has successfully pursued a passion or dream after the age of sixty?
Once all the children are gone, and the career is winding down, what passion would you pursue?

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