Celebrating Women: Betsy Wuebker

Over the course of my Silver & Grace journey, there have been women who have influenced and inspired me. In a previous Celebrating Women post, I explained how Wendi Kelly was instrumental in helping bring Silver & Grace to where it is today. There is another woman who has been a huge influence, but in a very different way from Wendi.

Betsy Wuebker.

I met Betsy way back in the early days of blogging when Silver & Grace was a just a dream. Betsy and her husband, Peter, had a dream back then too. To leave the Cubicle Farm, as they call corporate life, and work entirely for themselves. Four years later, they did it. They now live the life of their dreams with multiple business endeavours such as Passing Thru.

Betsy could have stopped there, but she didn’t. She gives of herself to other entrepreneurs with words of encouragement and tangible support such as Peter’s eGuide on how to open a Zazzle store. Trust me, I was saved hours of frustration setting up the Silver & Grace store because Betsy brought this guide to my attention.

Being an entrepreneur is in your blood. When you have hit upon your passion, you cannot imagine doing anything else. But, it can also be frustrating and confidence comes and goes. Betsy not only walked her talk bringing her own dream to fruition, but she is out there assuring other business women that the dips in the road are just that. Dips.

She knows. She is literally out there right now travelling the highways with Pete, and thoroughly enjoying the ride.

Dear Betsy,

I have three gifts for you. Please feel free to download Olivia, and post her wherever, whenever, however you see fit. She is your Silver & Grace Woman Badge of Honour. Click here to start your download. [wpdm_file id=16]

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The third gift, is the right to pay-this-forward. I invite you to submit a story to me, at eliza@silverandgrace.com, on a woman you believe deserves to be celebrated. I will then bestow these three gifts upon her.

Gracefully yours,


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