Celebrating Women: Linda Rhinehart Neas

Today I celebrate someone near and dear to my heart. She is so much so that I refer to her as my soul sister. From the moment I showcased her poetry, through subsequent email exchanges, to finally meeting her in person, I knew that I had found a kindred spirit. Not just in our philosophies, but in our life and ancestral stories.

Linda Rhinehart Neas

Where to even start celebrating Linda? Perhaps with her own words:

Words from the Heart are powerful. Words, when connected to Spirit, heal, bring hope, connect us to the world. Words nurture dreams into reality. Words from the Heart bring Peace.

This is clearly her personal mission. A published author and blog writer, Linda’s words are always supportive and uplifting. But she doesn’t stop there. Understanding the power of the spoken word, Linda teaches English as a Second Language bringing her students not just into the language of their adopted country, but into her heart and literally into her home.

But she doesn’t stop there either. She is currently working on her Interdemoninational Ministry degree to encourage the interconnection of faiths through the unifying power of Spirit.

Linda and I jokingly refer to each other as twins, but behind that joke is the truth that we are in some way very much connected.

I invite you to connect with Linda as well at Words from the Heart.

Dear Linda,

I have three gifts for you. Please feel free to download Olivia, and post her wherever, whenever, however you see fit. She is your Silver & Grace Woman Badge of Honour. Click here to start your download. [wpdm_file id=16]

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The third gift, is the right to pay-this-forward. I invite you to submit a story to me, at eliza@silverandgrace.com, on a woman you believe deserves to be celebrated. I will then bestow these three gifts upon her.

Gracefully yours,


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