Celebrating Women: Nancy Carter-Price

Last week I celebrated by soul sister, Linda Rhinehart Neas. Linda immediately took me up on the pay-it-forward offer and sent me a celebration of her own. This is what Linda has to say about

Nancy Carter Price.

Okay, so Nancy Carter-Price is the wonderful woman I would like to celebrate. Another Soul Sister, Nancy is a healer extraordinaire!

Nancy is a Reiki Master/Teacher who has been practicing Reiki throughout the Pioneer Valley since 1998. She received her training for both Usui and Karuna Reiki at Holyoke Community College. She completed advanced training in Integrated Energy Therapy (I.E.T.) in June 2006.

She is co-owner of Heartsound Bodywork of Northampton, Ma, where she maintains her private practice. Nancy is also an independent contractor for Cancer Connection in Northampton, where she organizes the monthly Reiki Nights for cancer survivors and their families/caregivers. In addition, Nancy teaches Reiki classes for all ages and abilities, with David, her partner, as well as hosting monthly Reiki shares. If that wasn’t enough, she also offers pre- and post operative reiki support, reiki support during chemotherapy infusions, and reiki labor support on site in local hospitals or physician’s offices.

Nancy accompanied me to NYC to participate in the Women’s Sacred Circle that I facilitated last year at the UN for the Commission on the Status of Women.

Now there is a woman who literally gives of her energy. A huge thanks to Linda for sharing Nancy with us.

Dear Nancy,

I have three gifts for you. Please feel free to download Olivia, and post her wherever, whenever, however you see fit. She is your Silver & Grace Woman Badge of Honour. Click here to start your download. [wpdm_file id=16]

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The third gift, is the right to pay-this-forward. I invite you to submit a story to me, at eliza@silverandgrace.com, on a woman you believe deserves to be celebrated. I will then bestow these three gifts upon her.

Gracefully yours,


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