Celebrating Women: Patricia Volonakis Davis

I love these Celebrating Women posts. It’s like keeping a gratitude list of the awesome women in my life. Next on this list is an author and advocate whom I had the pleasure to meet when reviewing her book The Diva Doctrine. I am now reading for review her book Harlot’s Sauce.

Patricia Volonakis Davis.

Patricia and I have a Facebook friendship. I have yet to meet her in person, but one day I will. I already know where it will be too. At her Women’s PowerStrategy Conference. I have promised her that one day I will speak at this event. How can I not participate in an event that has the mission

Gathering leaders from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise joining forces to educate and inspire women of all ages to believe and invest in their own talent, skills and potential.

To make women of all ages can attend, Patricia has set up a sponsorship program to allow teenage girls to attend. I sponsored this year’s event, and I absolutely will continue to be a sponsor for future events.

Patricia is never afraid to ‘put it out there’. Caring and compassionate, her Facebook statuses always ignite a flurry of comments as she challenges everyone to question the age old problem of ‘we are doing it this way because we always have.’ Patricia is a change agent.

A glorious Diva change agent.

You can learn more at about Patricia at her website: Patricia V. Davis

Dear Patricia,

I have three gifts for you. Please feel free to download Olivia, and post her wherever, whenever, however you see fit. She is your Silver & Grace Woman Badge of Honour. Click here to start your download. [wpdm_file id=16]

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The third gift, is the right to pay-this-forward. I invite you to submit a story to me, at eliza@silverandgrace.com, on a woman you believe deserves to be celebrated. I will then bestow these three gifts upon her.

Gracefully yours,


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