Celebrating Women: Shelly Rodgers

Last week I celebrated Kathy Weber. Within hours, she had taken me up on my offer to pay-it-forward, and sent me her story of a woman she feels deserves celebration. You can see why I celebrated Kathy!

Kathy celebrates Shelly Rodgers.

Kathy says that Shelly is not very active in Silver & Grace, and that is absolutely okay. This series is about celebrating women from within and external to the Silver & Grace community, and Kathy really thinks Shelly needs to be commended.

Kathy only knows Shelly through Facebook, but feels she is a talented writer. Shelly was originally from Michigan and currently lives in Germany. She is a registered nurse who has helped many who suffer, despite her own challenges.

Shelly is a talented amateur photographer, but what stands out are her writings. With Kathy’s encouragement, we hope to see her publishing her thoughts.

Dear Shelly,

I have three gifts for you. Please feel free to download Olivia, and post her wherever, whenever, however you see fit. She is your Silver & Grace Woman Badge of Honour. Click here to start your download. [wpdm_file id=16]

I have also purchased a tree in the Silver & Grace Forest in your name. To see your tree, go to http://createyourownforest.ca, click on Find Your Tree, and put in code: SFJL5G

The third gift, is the right to pay-this-forward. I invite you to submit a story to me, at eliza@silverandgrace.com, on a woman you believe deserves to be celebrated. I will then bestow these three gifts upon her.

Gracefully yours,


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