Darn Near 50: Do you cry at commercials?

I never really cried before, you know, being of British descent. Stiff upper lip, wot wot! Lately, however, I am crying at the drop of a hat.

Watching television has turned into a veritable tear fest. I am not talking Hallmark Made For TV movies, although Hallmark commercials have been known to make me bawl. No! I am talking Torchwood for crying out loud! Science fiction!

I don’t dare go near reality TV shows. I did try Undercover Boss, but at the end when the CEOs handed out gifts to the employees I would be sobbing. Yes, I know it is totally staged to pick out employees with the most dramatic life circumstances. Yes, I know the company has agreed for marketing sensationalism to give this stuff away. Despite knowing that, there I am blubbering away.

At my step-son’s soccer games, I cry when someone gets a goal. It doesn’t even have to be someone on our team. A player scores in our net and I am crying at the his pride of achievement.

Really, it’s pretty bad. My husband doesn’t even ask me what is wrong anymore. He just carries on assuming that if I am truly in crisis I will tell him. This is the best approach, really, because it would exhaust him thinking he had something to fix each time I am crying.

This blubbering at the drop of a hat has been pretty consistent for about a year. But, now I have noticed an escalation of tears that I really do not like. It seems I cry for no reason at all! I am just sitting there. Not really doing, watching or thinking anything, tears pouring down my face.

What is with that? Is this a simple case of a leaky faucet? Do I just need to tighten up some tear ducts?

My daughter’s wedding is this month. I am going to need some serious water proof make-up. Not to mention a rag to stuff in my mouth to muffle the sounds of my uncontrollable sobbing.

My only consolation is that salt water is supposed to be good for your skin. Well, with all the salty tears streaming down my cheeks lately, I am going to have the healthiest facial skin ever.

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  • What triggers your tears?
  • Are you a blubberer?
  • Were you always a blubberer or did you become one?
  • Is blubbering a phase that you passed through and came out the other side dry eyed?

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