Darn Near 50: Do you play with cat poo?

Negative energy is like playing in a litter box full of cat poop. Same for gossiping. Same thing only you are playing in someone else’s litter box. _Noreen McGinnis Campbell

When I was a child I participated in negative conversations and gossip. I did this because I walked to the beat of my own drum and never fit in. The only time I was allowed to play in someone else’s sandbox was when I participated in group negativity and gossip.

This bonding over negativity is quite fascinating. Case in point is Facebook in the last two weeks in the wake of two very public negative events. Facebook statuses on these events were getting upwards of 100 comments or more. Compare this to positive event statuses that on a good day get maybe 10 comments.

The problem was, as soon as the trash talking was done, I would be on the outside looking in again. Only, it was worse! I felt gross and dirty.

No kidding! The sandbox I was playing in was actually a kitty litter box full of pee soaked clay and globs of cat poo. However, I still continued to play in this litter box through my twenties. Each time feeling more and more defiled.

Finally, in my thirties I decided that the feeling of me walking to the beat of my own drum was way better than the feeling of rolling in cat poo. I stopped gossiping and trash talking. Not quite totally. I had my weak moments, but by the time I was in my forties I was done.

When I see a Facebook status that I know is going to be negative, I don’t even go there; other than to sigh sadly at the number of comments that status has generated. In person, if trash talking is going on, I do my utter best to keep my mouth shut. If it is really vile, I walk away.

No more kitty litter boxes for me, other than the one I maintain on behalf of my real life pooping cats.

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  • In your younger days did you get sucked into negative talk and gossiping?
  • As you age, are you less and less inclined to participate in negativity?
  • When you are confronted with negative talk and gossiping how do you react?

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