Dress With Confidence: How To Dress For Your Body Shape

There are 5 main body shapes that fashion favourites like Gok Wan love to use to describe our differently proportioned bodies: apple; pear; strawberry; hourglass; and rectangle. But knowing your shape is only half the battle. For example a pear shaped lady may be burying herself in size 18 clothes, when in reality, although she may be a size 18 on the bottom but she can fit into a size 16 or even 14 on top! So she is hiding away her slender upper body under clothes that are too big for her rather flattering her shape in well fitted clothes! So we have come to the rescue to let you know how to dress to flatter for your shape.


If you have an apple body shape then you are pretty much in proportion, but tend to carry weight how around the mid region with no defined waist line. In the case of the apple, you tend to have a brilliant set of pins and/or boobs so those areas should be highlighted. Tops with a longer length that skirt over or cover the bum and hips, and empire line dresses and tops with low necklines will give you a waist and draw attention upwards.


If you have a pear shape then you will carry more weight around your bum, hips and thighs and will be relatively small in comparison up top. In the case of the pear, you need to add more structure up top to even it all out and accentuate that lovely womanly shape. Large collars, lapels and sleeves with help to give the appearance of more up top and brighter colours will draw attention away from the less flattering areas.


If you have a strawberry shape then you are likely to carry more weight up top, and have bigger boobs and/or broad shoulders, whilst your hips and thighs are smaller in comparison. To create a more even look and soften your shape, opt for wide leg trousers or fuller skirts that will bring your bottom half into proportion with the top, and for bigger boobs opt for V neck or wrap over dresses and tops.


If you have an hourglass shape you are probably the envy of most women! Blessed with sexy curves and a small waist don’t drown it in overly baggy clothing. Things that cinch in at the waist, like wrap dresses and waist belts will show off your curves, and wide leg or flared trousers/jeans will keep the curves in check.


If you have a rectangle figure, sometimes referred to as a boyish figure, you are pretty much straight up and down. There are likely to be no areas that you want to particularly hide, but you may want to create more depth and shape to your figure. Structured dresses or coats that cinch in at the waist will give the illusion of curves.

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