Eliza Gets Real About Getting Distracted

Holy crumpets, I have had a busy past few weeks! Here’s just some of what I did:

Completed a bracelet
Created two more bracelets
Launched the Touchstone Designs Facebook page
Launched the Touchstone Designs website
Completed the Silver & Grace Winter Catalog

These are all wonderful accomplishments, but do you know what else they are?


Yep, excuses.

“Excuses for what, Eliza?”

For falling off the bandwagon and descending into Gluten Hell.

It all started innocently enough. I did not make time over the weekend to prepare gluten free meals, so I grabbed a breakfast English muffin. The next day, I grabbed a sandwich. Then Hubby and I went out the next evening and I said “What the hey, I have sunk this low, might was well keep going.” I got a hamburger.

Here’s the kicker. My face re-exploded into a mass of angry redness. I blew up like a beached whale. My insomnia returned.

I realized I had a choice. Well, a couple of choices actually.

The first one that came to mind was deciding it is all too hard and I clearly do not have the time to be healthy. What will all those business tasks that I have keep up on. Clearly, I should not just give up. Fortunately, good sense prevailed.

The second one was hopping back on the bandwagon, berating myself the whole way about what a total loser I am, after all look at my disastrous face, and now I have to start all over again. Ya, been there done that. There is no sustainable motivation in that approach.

I decided to go with a novel new approach.

I decided to completely ignore the descent into Gluten Hell and concentrate on what Gluten Free Heaven felt like.

  • face pretty much rash free
  • slim and trim with very little effort
  • sound sleeps
  • tons of energy

Not to mention I discovered that I actually enjoy hunting down recipes and preparing them. Hubby is a chef, so I haven’t really cooked in the last five years.

… and I’m back on track. Fridge is loaded up with healthy grab-and-go food, which I am grabbing and going.

  • Slim in trim is coming back.
  • Sleeps are getting more restful.
  • Energy abounds.

Face is still a bit of a mess, but I am not worried. I enjoyed a clear face the first time, I can certainly enjoy it again.

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