Embracing Sensuality

My pursuit of pampering continues with the exploration of sensuality. Sensuality, not sexuality. I might explore pampering through sexuality, but focus people …sensuality.

Sensual: arousing or exciting the appetite or senses.

It was quite accidental! Hubby and I went out for Date Night and selected a restaurant that was recommended to us. This landed us at Union Local 613 on Somerset Street in downtown Ottawa.

Right off the bat, we tried a sensation we normally avoid. We sat at the bar! Shocking, I know. We are not sit at the bar people. We are sit in the darkest corner, leave us alone to enjoy our meal people. But, even though it was only 5:30 in the afternoon the restaurant was fully booked with reservations. Normally, being asked to sit at the bar would send us running back out onto the street, but it had come recommended from someone we trust explicitly where restaurants and food are concerned.

If you have never sat at the bar before to eat, try it at least once! You become part of the comings and goings, engaging with the owner and the bartender, who in our case was an awesomely attentive twenty-something by the name of Ben. You get to eavesdrop on the conversation between wait staff, watch fascinating drinks being concocted, and question your bartender on recommended wines and brandies. Okay, that last part was Marc, but I got to drink the recommended wines.

Moving onto atmosphere. Pick a restaurant that totally resonates with you from the decor to the music to the food. Union Local 613 is all about down south hospitality. From the burlap menu covers, to the mason jar glasses, to the copper plumbing light fixtures, to the funky wall art, to the blues music, Marc and I were in sensory glory.

The food is really good. Not fantastic, but really good. But, even my foodie husband says we are going back many many times. Why? Because to quote him as we headed out the street

Now that was a dining experience!


Because it indulged our senses, from social engagement to sight to sound to taste. I came away refreshed. Pampered!

The next time you head out for a meal, instead of trotting off to a chain style restaurant, or even your ‘usual’ place, do a little research and find a place that will appeal to more than just your taste buds. Trust me, embracing sensuality this way pampers the soul.

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