From Financial Loss to Sex Toy Success: Interview with Melody Murison

We-VibeUpon reading an article in February/March 2010 issue of More magazine, I knew I had to share the story of Melody Murison. Melody, and her husband, Bruce, are inventors of the award winning sex toy, the We-Vibe. But what ended up as an incredible success story for the couple, actually started out as the very scary reality of job loss.

What struck me about the More article was the following quote from Melody regarding a seven month family trip to Australia:

“You learn how little you need to survive when all you have is your tent, your water and food,” recalls Murison. “Even if we lost everything when we got back to Canada, I knew we’d be okay because we were happy living with very few possessions. The experience changed us.”

Melody’s husband worked for the once telecom giant Nortel. As a Canadian, I know Bell Northern Research (pre-cursor to Nortel) was held up as a shining example of our country’s contribution to the telecommunications industry. And we would all proudly proclaim that we had a Silicon Valley North; start up companies spawned off of Nortel’s high tech influence.

Back in the 1980s, young engineers employed by Nortel knew they had a job for life. Or so they thought. In 2001, serious job lay offs occurred and from then until Nortel filed for bankruptcy in early 2009, approximately 65,000 jobs were lost.

Nortel employees were not the only ones to face job loss. Right now, the unemployment rate in the United States is hovering around 10%. In Canada that rate is currently 8.3%.

I live in the same city as Melody, so was able to meet up with her over lunch for an interview. I was keenly interested in her journey, which took her from stay-at-home mom, to backpacker, to acclaimed sex toy inventor.

Mid-life is a time for serious reflection on what is truly important to us. Given the economic times, many households face reduced incomes. As well, it is a time to reflect on what makes us happy, and quite often we are in jobs that are far from satisfying. But, the fear of financial loss holds us back from pursuing different paths.

What follows over the next three days is how Melody and her family faced this fear, and came out happier and more successful than they ever dreamed. Click here to move onto the next post: Job Loss

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