How to Regain Balance

“Typically in order to bring balance to our system, we need the opposite of what we’ve been immersed in.” _ Karen Horneffer-Ginter in Full Cup, Thirsty Spirit

Often it is the simplest sentence that brings me up short while reading. Horneffer-Ginter’s statement above is very simple. If you are off kilter, do something to swing the pendulum back.

But, not just anything. The opposite of what you were doing.

What I do in Silver & Grace is very much head space work. I am constantly thinking, be it writing articles, teaching workshops, facilitating intuition shares, or interpreting my visions. If you had told me a couple of years ago that I would also be designing and creating jewelry, I would have laughed myself silly. But, since starting Silver & Grace, Touchstone Designs has become a critical component of my balance. Yes, there is thinking involved in the design, but then it is purely physical as I assemble the chainmaille loops.

So, if I know that about myself, why did this simple quote bring me up short?

Because I realized that I don’t apply this awareness to other aspects of my life.

For example, when the bitter Canadian cold weather sets in, I am no longer out running or working in my garden. I get listless and off kilter. No kidding. I am immersed in inactivity.

In past winters, I just hunkered down and begrudgingly accepted this listlessness. This winter, I realized I need to offset curling up in front of the fire with activity. I gave myself the goal of doing shadow boxing and Pilates to prepare myself for pole fitness classes in the spring.

Guess what? No winter listlessness!

Now whenever I feel off kilter I will figure out the direct opposite activity that needs to occur to bring me back to centre.

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What sets of opposite activities do you need in your life to keep you balanced?

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