How to see colors in auras

Welcome to the next article in my series on auras. To date we have covered the following:

You absolutely can see and read auras
How you read auras all the time
Techniques for seeing auras

Now we are going to talk about seeing the color of people’s auras.

“Oh goody! I’ve been waiting for this!” you say rubbing your hands with glee.

Well, here is the thing. You don’t actually see aura colors.

“Say what?? That’s not right, Eliza. Everyone knows auras have colors.”

And they do. But, people do not wander around looking like Rainbow Brite all awash in pretty colors. That would be awfully distracting. What you physically see is the heat shimmery thing we discussed in an earlier post.

You don’t see the color part, you feel the color part.

“Okay, Eliza has lost it.”

No, really. Read any book or article on auras and they will all explain that you feel, or intuit the colour. You look at the heat shimmery thing and then you just let the color of the aura come to you by blanking out your mind. Honestly, it is as simple as that.

The trick is to

  • not force it
  • not question it

If green pops into your head, then the aura is definitely green. If yellow pops in, then the aura is definitely yellow. The more you practice, the faster the color comes to you.

Of course, knowing the color of someone’s aura is pretty dang useless if you do not know what the color means! So, next week we will discuss the meaning of colors and how you can use that to gain information about the person you are ‘reading’.

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