I Carefully Selected My Word for 2013

Something fun that many people do is select a word for the year. This word provides a guiding focus. I discovered that careful thought should be put into selecting this word. It can be a case of be careful what you wish for.

For example, one year I chose the word surrender. Big mistake! The Universe rubbed its hands with glee and provided me with many opportunities to practice surrendering.

Choosing the word grace, although clearly one of my favourite words, would likely be a mistake too. I would probably be provided many situations to try my patience requiring grace to get through them.

Having clued into the Universe’s helpful approach to my word for the year, I picked a fun word. One in which I will be more than happy to have the Universe participate in.

My word is PAMPERING.

I discovered that I have what Karen Horneffer-Ginter calls in her book Full Cup, Thirsty Spirit free-time paralysis. When I am presented with free-time, I freeze. I am so used to go go go that when I max out and should recharge I get anxious about doing nothing and end up playing Zuma Blitz on Facebook. Mindless, but I still feel plugged in. I know, weird logic, but it’s true.

So, the focus of 2013 will be to experience pampering. I will release myself from free-time paralysis and do at least one thing each week that is not related to staying fit, maintaining a household, nor running two businesses. Zuma Blitz doesn’t count. It will be something that takes me away from the computer and nourishes my spirit.

Over the course of this year, I will post about how I am doing with this whole notion of pampering. I invite you to pop in and talk about how you are doing with your 2013 word if you have one.

Oh, and Universe? If you wish to participate and provide me with pampering opportunites, I totally welcome your help. Bring it on!

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If you have picked a 2013 Word, what is it?

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