Inside look at Silver & Grace Online Tarot Courses

Coming from a background that doesn’t buy into “fortune telling,” I might be considered an unlikely prospect for a Tarot card reading class! However, this past spring and summer, I’ve found myself learning to tap into my inner wisdom and intuition through Eliza Fayle’s online Tarot courses.

Eliza explains the Tarot from an intuitive standpoint. Her lessons ask you to look at the cards and look for symbolism and pictures which speak to you. Starting with the simplest concepts, she asks you to dig into your own experience for the meanings of the cards. You use the lessons to interpret more and more complex readings. Each lesson builds on the prior lessons, and you find yourself more and more able to tap into your intuition to determine what YOU feel is the correct meaning for you.

The amazing thing about learning to use this tool through this course is how you learn to feel what is or isn’t the right interpretion for a reading. I have not tried using this technique to “read” for others, and don’t have any desire to use the cards this way. What I do find is that this is a great way to focus the energy in and around you on a problem, question or decision and learn what your perfect outcome would be.

I strongly recommend Eliza’s courses in Tarot if you are looking for a tool for tapping into your intuition and reframing your perceptions of the questions and decisions that you are facing. This tool helps you clarify your own desires as well focusing your perceptions of the outside forces which you may not have been viewing from the best angle. And Eliza knows just how to bring this knowledge out in you!

Jeanne Andrus is the owner and founder of Ignite!, a fitness company for women. She helps women transform their experience of menopause into a journey of self-discovery filled with joy, love and laughter. You can read her story and find more about her services at


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