Intuitive Mentoring


The mere fact that you are reading this means that you want to transform your life into total awesomeness.

Now, how can we work together to manifest the life you totally deserve?

What makes me qualified to guide you on this important life journey?

I am a certified Creative Clarity Coach, as well as a trained facilitator, conflict resolution manager, Tarot Practitioner, meditation expert and intuitive artist.

More importantly, I am a woman who has been there, done that, and bought not just the T-shirt but the entire wardrobe. In other words, I bring over a fifty years of life experience and wisdom to the table.

I have gone from single mom of three, to being in a toxic long term relationship, to facing and releasing my fears (there were plenty!), to manifesting Mr. Very Right, my dream home, my dream career, and the most awesome life imaginable.
You can to0.

Let’s be honest!

I am going to be honest – because that is what I am – working with me is not a walk in the park. You will work. You will sweat, at least metaphorically. Creation is an active process. I can tell you, from personal and professional experience, when you put in the work, the Universe jumps all over that and works hard on your behalf as well. The end result is pure awesomeness.

If you are ready to do what it takes to transform your life, I am here to provide you dedicated guidance, support, motivation, and cheer-leading. I custom design a six week program that directly meets your needs and moves you along your transformation path far more quickly and smoothly than the hit and miss of going it alone.

First a few words on my ethics:

  • I do not address physical health concerns. Please work with a trained medical professional for any physical health concerns.
  • My mentoring is for guidance and support only. I am a certified coach, but I am not a mental healthcare professional. Please seek their support for mental healthcare needs. If you are currently working with a mental healthcare professional, I encourage you to talk to them about working with me before we schedule any sessions. I find that most counselors are happy to have to their work supplemented with mine, but it is best to check first.
  • I devote focused time and energy to my clients. I only work with three mentoring clients at any given time. When I am working with you, you have my undivided attention. By the same token, I ask that you devote time and energy to this work. If you are not ready to go at this heads down for six weeks, that’s okay. Simply hold off on working with me until you are ready. Jumping in half-assed will only cause you frustration and disappointment. Far better to wait. I want you to experience success!

 What is the time commitment?

 Fifteen minutes daily – yes, daily for the entire six weeks – to do daily journal writings.

  • Another five minutes or so, Monday through Friday to read my feedback on your writings
  • Up to one hour per week to work on a major assignment.

How the mentoring works

All our interaction is through a privately shared Google Drive folder. This means you will need a gmail email account. If you do not have one, simply go to and sign up. In this folder we can both create and edit documents as well as upload files.
We start off with an assignment based on a Tarot Reading. This jumps starts your intuition and provides the information I need to custom design your mentoring package. You do daily timed journal writings (10 minutes) and a two smaller writing assignments (about 5 minutes). Monday through Friday, I read what you wrote, providing feedback, food for thought, and quite often provide reading recommendations. Once per week, I provide feedback and food for thought on your major assignment, and set up the next week’s assignment.
This is a very interactive process, with the goals of

  • identifying and releasing rules and thought processes that no longer serve you
  • providing you clarity on what is truly important to you
  • dumping negative energy and replacing it with positive energy
  • and putting in place concrete actions for you to start creating right here, right now, the life you want, deserve, and can have.

Let’s Get Started!

Your investment in your journey is $1200

To get started simply click the Buy Now Button. This will take you to PayPal with uber secure financial processing. You can pay with a PayPal account if you have one, or with credit card or bank card. Once I receive notification of your payment, I will follow up by email to schedule your six week block of mentoring. IMPORTANT: I use the email address you used through PayPal.

This is a large investment of your money, time and energy. I certainly encourage you to contact me first to discuss this program further. At that time I can also discuss my availability with you. As I said, I only accept 3 mentoring clients at any given time.

You can contact me at .

Ready to rock and roll right now? A woman of action! You are already off to the right start. Simply click the Buy Now Button.