Is your diet blocking access to your spirit guides?

Cookies or spirit guides?Mind, body and spirit. In theory, we understand that they are all connected. When we have dis-ease in one aspect of that triad, we impact the other two.

In theory … because in practice we are not necessarily very good at taking care of our body on a day to day basis. We are even quite honest about it, but then we still wonder why we have trouble accessing our spirit guides.

Welcome to the next article in my learning series on how to partner with your spirit guides. If you are just joining in now, you can read the previous articles here:

Partner With Your Spirit Guides

Oh, I am as guilty as the next person, and I contact spirit guides for a living!

When I know I have a mentoring and reading session to do, I eat properly and avoid alcohol. I am ‘on duty’ and want to be in peak receptive to spirit guide condition. However, on a daily basis I hop on and off the proper diet band wagon.

I have rosacea, which is an auto-immune disorder. The rosacea, itself, does not clog up my energy. However, the underlying cause, internal inflammation, sure as heck does. Along with the face rash, I get achy joints, headaches, and brain fog. Like my guides are going to be able to wade their way through that gunky mess.

For me, it is a matter of avoiding foods I am intolerant too. I have a long list, but not so restrictive that there is really any excuse. I can eat all meats, all fish, all vegetables (except corn), and all fruits. See? No excuse. The truth is I get lazy, and then I grab the bread, rice, crackers, and cheese that are on my No No List.

If you are honest with yourself, you know what foods junk up your energy airwaves as well. It is called intuitive eating and being aware of what increases your spiritual and physical energy, and what dulls those energies. The occasional indulgence of your No No Foods is fine. So you cannot connect to your guides after a nice meal with a glass of wine or two, no biggie. You will be back receiving advice from your spirits and angels after a good night’s sleep.

However, prolonged ingestion of your No No Foods and forgetta ’bout it. Your guides can talk until they are blue in their ethereal faces, you ain’t gonna hear them.

Worse yet, if there can be anything worse than being cut off from your guides, you have set a vicious circle in motion.  You lose touch with intuitive advice and guidance, which means you lose the ability to eat intuitively. Your fogged up ego screams “I do not feel very well; I need a huge honkin’ bowl of something comforting” and you dive into that container of cookie dough ice cream. Well, you know where it goes from there.

It takes some discipline and effort to keep our energy clean and open, but nobody said it was a cake walk (pun intended). In the end, the benefits of long term partnering with your guides, far outweighs the quick fix of cookies hot out of the oven. Really truly it does.

Gracefully yours,

~ Eliza


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