Law of Attraction: A Personal Experiment

I have always believed in the Law of Attraction, but in a rather fuzzy sort of way. I have simply known to be true that you get what you expect from life. If you expect good things, you will get good things. If you expect bad things, you will get bad things.

Of course, often you do not realize you were expecting bad things, until after you have attracted them and after you busted through that expectation. Hindsight, as they say, is 20/20.

I could list numerous things in my life in which this was true for me, but the big one that stands out is money. All my life, I believed that money in even the teeniest bit of abundance was something I would never have. It was literally just months ago that I decided I did not want to live by that rule anymore. Since that time, my husband and I have paid off three out of four lines of credit, and have money to spare for our renovations.

As for expecting good things, the most dramatic example is attracting my husband. After a year of having many dating adventures, I decided I was perfectly happy being single for the rest of my life. I was never going to settle like I had in my previous two long term relationship.

I sat down and drew up a detailed list of all the qualities and values a man must have to be my life partner. Two weeks later, in walked Marc. He literally matched every item on my list. We are just about to celebrate our fifth anniversay.

So, yes, I believe in the Law of Attraction in a fuzzy sort of way. But, I have never studied, or followed, it formally.

Until now.

I figure this is a perfect time to conduct a personal Law of Attraction experiment. I have just finalized the Silver & Grace Trilogy: Intutive Mentoring; Store; Jewelry. Time to pump my business up a notch. As well, given all the super cool things my husband and I created in our first five years together, it will be fascinating to see what we can manifest in the next five years.

I have a two stage plan to this experiment. The first is to work my way through the book Law of Attraction, by Michael J. Losier. Then I will work my way through the Advanced Manifestation course from the Hendricks Foundation.

All of this, I am going to share here with you. As always, I would love for you to provide your comments, observations, and personal experiences in the comment section.

If you want to run your own Law of Attraction experiment alongside mine, that would be totally awesome.

The experiment commences!

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  • Do you believe in the Law of Attraction?
  • Have you formally studied the principles, or is it a more fuzzy approach like mine has been?
  • What example do you have in your life of manifesting something based on your expectations?

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