Meditation to Center and Ground

ground meditationWelcome to the next article in my learning series on how to partner with your spirit guides. If you are just joining in now, you can read the previous articles here:

Partner With Your Spirit Guides

You will find working through the process of partnering with your guides then emotional stuff is going to come up. You know, that stuff that you kept crammed down in your dark inner nooks and crannies. Don’t panic, this is a good thing. Opening up to spirit world advice requires vulnerability. It just might feel pretty darned uncomfortable for a bit.

Here is an excellent meditation to help you center and ground yourself during your anxious moments.

The fastest way to calm down and get grounded is to go for a walk in nature. However, since most of us do not live in the middle of the woods with the freedom to walk outside at a moment’s notice, this is challenging.

I love this meditation. It can be used anywhere, anytime. You do not even need to close your eyes, so you can be in the middle of a crowd and nobody will know you are meditating.

It does not matter what position you are in for this meditation. You can be standing in the line at the grocery store or sitting in a chair. I do find, however, that is helps to have your feet in contact with the ground, so lying down is not as effective.

  1. with your eyes closed or open, take a couple of deep cleansing breaths and continue to breathe deeply throughout this meditation
  2. imagine that your legs are like the trunk of a tree and roots extend from your feet into the ground
  3. feel yourself drawing nurturing minerals up from the ground through the roots and your feet and up through your entire body as if you were a tree
  4. push the feelings that you want to get rid of (like fear or anxiety) out of your body through your ‘leaves’, just like a tree expels carbon dioxide
  5. as the feelings hit the air, imagine them condensing into water which falls to the ground and is absorbed
  6. repeat this cycle of drawing up nutrients and expelling toxins until you feel centered and grounded

You are now ready to leave the meditation. Say to yourself “I am coming back into myself. 3. 2. 1.” If your eyes were closed, slowly open them. If they were already open, you are good to go.

This meditation will take care of a lot of not so pleasant feelings. However, if you have been keeping some heavy duty stuff down in the cobwebs of your subconscious this might not suffice. In the next article, I will provide you with a meditation to address the ickier feelings that might arise.

Most importantly, do not give up. All these unsettled feelings mean that you are eliminating the energy that no longer serves you, making room for energy that does.

Gracefully yours,

~ Eliza


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