Meditation to separate mind from body

Mind Body MeditationWelcome to the next article in my learning series on how to partner with your spirit guides. If you are just joining in now, you can read the previous articles here:

Partner With Your Spirit Guides

If you have done the Stair meditation and the Commute meditation, you are now getting comfortable allowing messages to drift in. If you haven’t done those meditations, please go back and do them before moving onto this one. I have ordered these meditations to build one upon the other.

This meditation is going to take you to a whole new level. You are going to learn to separate your mind from your body. Don’t worry, I promise they will join right back up again when you are done.

I love this meditation. I learned it while I was studying Druidry, so have been using it for over 10 years. I have gotten quite proficient at it, and can leave my body behind in a flash. However, while you are learning this one, take your time. Trust me it’s well worth it, because it is a totally cool sensation.

I highly recommend that you do this one at least sitting down, if not lying down. If you do it standing up, chances are pretty good that you will fall down and go boom.

Get comfortable and close your eyes.

  1. starting with your toes (both feet at the same time, or one foot at a time), take a deep breath in and imagine your toes turning into white light
  2. exhale and ‘push’ the white light further up your feet
  3. take a deep breath in and turn that part of your feet into white light as well
  4. exhale and ‘push’ the white light up to your ankles
  5. repeat this ‘pushing’ and ‘turning’ all the way up your legs, then repeat the exercise up your torso to your shoulders
  6. at this point switch to your fingers (again, both hands at once, or one at a time) and repeat the ‘pushing’ and ‘turning’ up your arms
  7. now do your neck
  8. now do the back of your head
  9. now your face
  10. and finally close it off at the top of your head

At this point, you will experience the rather odd sensation that you have no body and you are simply mind. Note: do not worry if you do not get this sensation the first several times you do this meditation. It might take some practice.

At this point, do not focus your thoughts on anything. Just breathe. Something will come to mind. Don’t force it, just let it happen.

Is it an image? Sensation? Word? Colour? Sound? Whatever it is, simply experience it, then ask yourself what it means. Let possible interpretations float around.

You will have an “Ah-ha!” moment. At this point you are ready to leave the meditation.

Say to yourself “I am coming back into myself. 3. 2. 1.” and slowly open your eyes and become aware of your body again. Do NOT stand up right away. Remember, we do not want you to fall down go boom! Once you feel totally connected to your body, then you can stand up.

If you find in any of these meditations that your “Ah-ha!” moment doesn’t happen, that’s okay, just come out of your meditation. The seed has been planted and the answer will come to you. Possibly at three o’clock in the morning, but it will come to you.

Gracefully yours,

~ Eliza


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