Overcoming Guilt of Pampering

Last week I announced my Word for 2013. It is pampering. I also vowed to consistently pamper myself through out this year and report back to you.So, my first pampering action was to go to a coffee shop.

“Geez, Eliza, that’s it?”

Well, yes. I will explain why I consider this pampering in a moment. First I have to explain that this brought up ish-ues.

The first issue I had to overcome was the cost of the coffee. I refuse to go to Tim Hortons — I know, I am not a good Canadian — and decided to go to Bridgehead. If you are not familiar with Bridgehead, think Starbucks or Second Cup. This means my double espresso and gluten free double chocolate cookie would come up to a whopping $3.48.

“Wow, Eliza. That would totally break the bank.”

Okay, I know that a lot of people pay at least $3.48 for a specialty coffee without even the cookie. But, I start each morning at home with an espresso that costs pennies, not dollars. My square of dark chocolate at home also costs pennies. So, spending dollars on an espresso and treat seems extravagant.

The second issue I had to overcome was sitting in a coffee shop in plain view during work hours. What if my co-workers saw me sitting there with a book, not a justifying laptop or Blackberry? In reality, this is within my rights. I get two paid breaks per day that I rarely use, and most days I work through my lunch.

I decided to squash down my feelings of guilt and go for it.

Now, here is why the whole experience was pampering.

Working in a Cubicle Farm is not my style. I am a free spirit for crying out loud! I create jewelry. I interpret Tarot visions. I write. I long for la vie bohème. I imagine a life of sitting in a European outdoor cafe, sipping espresso and nibbling on croissant while writing in a journal.

Okay, so my local Bridgehead is located in an office complex with a view of the food court. But, the benches are a funky yellow leather. The whole place smells of delicous fresh brewed coffee. People around me are chatting, or reading, or writing. For fifteen minutes I felt like I was in a European outdoor cafe.

All for just $3.48, as opposed to the thousands of dollars it would cost me to actually get to a cafe in Europe.

As for taking this break during a work day?

I went back to my cubicle refreshed, while my co-workers were showing signs of wear and tear. I imagine that I produced more during the remainder of the day for having taken a fifteen minute respite then they did working through those fifteen minutes.

Guilt successfully overcome.

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While I long for sitting in a European cafe, I was able to achieve a similar sense of this within my current reality. What do you long for that you can get of sense of within your current reality?

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  1. Betsy Wuebker says:

    I was almost as refreshed as you were in reading this! I am glad you are focusing on pampering as your word. Why shouldn't we indulge ourselves as we can? Why do gazillions of people let unused vacation time pile up? Too much asceticism leads to poverty of spirit!

  2. I, too, can feel guilty sometimes when I’m taking my dog for a long walk on a beautiful day or just reading a book (that typically relates to my biz) instead of cranking out blogs, calling on past clients, etc. As an entrepreneur, I often overlook the fact that I eat, sleep & breath my business and typically work every day of the week, so why not give myself a break? The beauty of being an entrepreneur is having the freedom to work when I need to and play when I want to, regardless of what time the clock says! Thank you, Eliza, for reminding me the whole reason I am not sitting in an office cubicle somewhere.

    • Kate – oh I hear you! How quickly we entrepreneurs lose sight of one of the primary reasons for running our own businesses in the first place … freedom to call our own shots!

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