Personal Power and Faithfulness


Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies. _ Mother Theresa

I love this quote. Even when faced with a big life challenge, it is continuing to perform the small things that requires the most strength.

When my long term relationship broke down, what I really wanted to do was curl up in a corner as a pile of blithering blubbering goo. What I did was

  • get up each morning and get myself to work on time
  • systematically go through all the possessions in the house sorting and packing
  • work my way one item at a time through the checklist of legalities to take care of

I didn’t waver, and with each successful completion of a small task, I felt my personal power get stronger.

Even now, with my incredible life, there are still small things that I am steadfastly faithful to. Such as

  • practicing yoga
  • making healthy food choices
  • daily meditation
  • working on my business

If I had tried to take on the big task of moving on my with life after my break up, I would probably be still a blithering blubbering pile of goo. If my big task was to remain trim and fit and centred, I probably would have lost motivation a long time ago. If I put thought to all the hours it takes to build a business, I probably would have quit after the first six months.

Instead by committing to the little things in my life, I have found the strength to do it all.

Turns out, when commitments are broken down into bite sized pieces, my personal power is limitless.

Do you have something daunting going on in your life right now? Try breaking it down into small tasks and be faithful to completing each task one at a time.

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