Power in Numbers

There truly is power in numbers.

For the past eight weeks, I have been running Tarot Workshops. At the beginning of each class I present the students with a problem statement or challenge. Since I am an open book, I use a real example from my life. I lay out the cards, and they all read them for me.

What started out as simply a practicum turned into an amazing testament to the power of group energy.

Here is one example.

Problem Statement: My husband and I are thinking of buying a condo in Florida.

Class Tarot Interpretation: Money is not a concern. This is really about personal fulfillment. However, do not jump in. You are buying property in another country. Make sure you really do your homework.

Two days later: A friend of my husband’s introduces us to a Florida real estate agent, who is Canadian, and knows all the foreigner purchase laws inside and out.

And here is another.

Problem Statement: My business is on the cusp of something, but I cannot quite put my finger on it

Class Tarot Interpretation: you have maxed out your creativity as your business exists now. You have a concept of where you want to take it next. The challenge is how to take the concept and turn it into a tangible product.

The very next day: the answer came to me in a flash of how to turn my idea into a product. Within thirty minutes I had eight modules completely mapped out and ready to be worked on.

After every single reading the class did for me, within 24 to 48 hours, my problem statement or challenge was solved. In most cases, I had no part in the creating the solution. It was handed to me by the Universe through other people.

How incredibly exciting! But it is also humbling.

Group power can work both ways. It can create positive results, but it can just as easily create negative results. The conversations you have with people have the power to manifest very tangible outcomes that you were not even deliberately setting out to create.

There truly is power in numbers.

Negative manifestation or positive manifestation? It all depends on the energy of the group you are hanging out with.

The choice is yours. Choose wisely.

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