Product Review: BOOM! By Cindy Joseph

I am a fairly newcomer to make-up. I have really only been using it consistently for the past year … and I’m 48! So, clearly I’m not the type to get all excited about new make-up.

Until I reviewed BOOM! By Cindy Joseph.

Cindy is known for modelling au naturel. No, not naked. More shocking than that. Modelling with her grey hair. *gasp* I actually met her through Going Gray Looking Great which is the meeting place for Silver Haired Sisters. Later, I happened across a video of her promoting her make-up. There she was shocking the world again. BOOM! is designed and formulated to show off our age, not hide it!

My kind of gal.

Needless to say, I eagerly tore open the parcel when I received my Boomsticks — Color, Glo, Glimmer — and my Boomsilk moisturizer.

“Pretty!” I squealed. Three sleek tubes for the Boomsticks and a perfect little pot of the Boomsilk.

Next step was to check out Cindy’s videos on how to apply her make-up.

“Really? That’s how to apply it? That’s so simple. And across my forehead? Who knew?”

I didn’t dive right in though. I have rosacea so I had to proceed with caution.

The first week I only applied my Boomsticks. No flare ups. I was good to go. The second week I started applying little dabs of Boomsilk. No flare ups! Praise Cindy’s little bees who contributed their honey to her products, I finally found a moisturizer I can use. This is a Really Big Deal as rosacea sufferers know.

I have to admit that I found the first week disconcerting each time I looked in the mirror. Cindy’s claim is

These products will make your skin dewy, colorful and radiant.

Since my rosacea set in while I was still in my twenties, my skin has been dry, blotchy, and rough. Any make-up I applied sat on top of my skin and simply accentuated the dryness and roughness.

Yet, here I was with dewy, colourful, and truly radiant skin, and totally natural looking. The only way I can describe it is I looked like me only better.

I am sure that description will warm Cindy’s heart given

“BOOM! is for women who want to reveal their genuine beauty with an honest and realistic approach.”

My make-up stand looks bare. Here is what I have on it:

* Color Boomstick
* Glo Boomstick
* Glimmer Boomstick
* Boomsilk
* Sephora green silk foundation
* NYC green concealer
* a couple of Body Shop eyeshadows

That’s it! Cindy doesn’t even use foundation. She just Boomsticks and goes, but I require the green foundation and concealer to tone down the redness from the rosacea.

Mind you, if Boomsilk continues to work it’s soothing magic, I might be able to ditch the greens someday.

When I told Cindy I would publically declare her a goddess if her make-up didn’t trigger my rosacea her humble response was “Please thank the bees. They did all the hard work.”

Well, thank you, bees.

But thank you, Cindy, for promoting pro-aging in an industry that does its darndest to hide aging.

You truly are a Silver Goddess.

Please pop over to BOOM! By Cindy Joseph and poke around her fun and informative site. Then order her products and trot into your bathroom and do some serious decluttering. Trust me, there is very little currently there you need.

You can find Cindy here: BOOM! By Cindy Joseph

Note: while BOOM! does not trigger my rosacea, if you have rosacea please proceed with caution like I did. This is no reflection on BOOM! Rather, I have found that triggers are very different from one rosacea sufferer to the next.

Gracefully yours,

~ Eliza


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  1. Christine Phillips says:

    I also found Boomsilk and Boomsticks via the GGLG site and could not agree with you more about the simplicity, purity and delight in using Cindy’s products. I’m happy to thank Cindy as well as those hard-working bees for streamlining my skin care regime. Would love for Cindy to produce a facial cleanser so I could clean out my BR cabinet completely!

  2. I got the “Color” one and didn’t find anything special. It is actually rather awkward and difficult to apply to the lips, since it is so wide. After a certain age your lips get small wrinkles and this product “licks” through them making a mess. When you are over 50, it takes more than only bees’ wax to get you going!

  3. Everything Cindy says about her products are absolutely true. You will look and feel amazingly beautiful!

  4. Just got my Boomstick trio in the mail and am shocked to find out my $80 only bought sticks the size of my thumb! Really?!? Yes, great product, but horrible value. Cost over $25 a stick for “sample” amount of product. I definitely feel cheated/fooled.

    • Sheila – I can understand your shock. They are small containers. I can only assure you from personal experience that a little goes a very long way. Mine have lasted forever, and I use the Boomstick Color pretty much daily. Sometimes good things come in small packages :)

  5. Eliza, I got my Boomstick Color and was quite disappointed. The first one had to be exchanged, because it was falling apart. Yet, the product itself is quite disappointing. For example, it is way too red to be used on the cheeks–nothing like the nice brownish in my screen. As lipstick it is enormously chunky (fat), which makes it very difficult to apply; every time I try slobbered all over around my lips, a real pain (and I used to be a model, so I know how to apply makeup). The result is that I very rarely use it: it’s been sitting in my bathroom cabinet for several months now, quite forgotten. This idea of “one-size-fits-all” for makeup, sorry, but does not work!

  6. Emilia – thank you so much for your feedback. It is very important to me that Silver & Grace community get the full scoop on any product or book I review … the good and the bad :)
    Eliza´s last blog post ..Feeling Stuck? Featured Tarot Reading

  7. The product is okay, I’ve been using Burt’s Bees lipcolor in the same manner as CJ’s color stick – as makeup instead of just lip color. I will stick with Burt’s Bees because the price of the Boomsticks is OUTRAGEOUS. I paid $75.95 for the trio, including outrageous shipping. of $7.95. Nothing eco about the huge shipping box for the little tiny makeups rattling around inside. It could have been shipped quite safely in a smallish padded envelope for much less than the almost $8 I paid.

    I’m really annoyed at how little product we get for $68.

    She’s a beautiful woman, more power to her encouraging us to embrace our aging selves, but I’d feel a lot better about her “encouragement” if I didn’t get suckered.

  8. Boo silk is as good as it gets with most awesome moisturizer and glow sticks , I love the products


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