Product Review: Ignite! Running Program

Back in early spring, Jeanne Andrus from Ignite! asked me if I would like to participate in, and review, her KICKStart online running program. Coming out of a long winter’s hibernation I jumped at the opportunity. It is now time to give that review, but it is going to be a bit unusual. I am going to tell you why I am the WORST client and the BEST client Jeanne could possibly have.

Before I do that, let’s start with how this online running program works.

At the beginning of each week, for twelve weeks, Jeanne sends an email with the following goodies:

  • three audio files to load onto your SmartPhone or whatever your favourite portable listening device is
  • a webinar on everything from picking running shoes, to stretches, to nutrition

In each audio file, Jeanne talks you through a run, telling you when to walk, when to stop for stretches, and when to run. Throughout the entire run she delightfully babbles away about running, and life in general, sometimes going off in unexpected directions. With each successive run, the amount of running time increases and walking time decreases.

Worst Client Ever

Right up front Jeanne explains the importance of sticking to a three run per week schedule. I had every intention of doing that. I really did!

The first two weeks were great, then the Canadian weather turned foul. In fact it snowed, and I am a total wuss about going outside in the snow and cold. Then I got back on track until life took over and I started missing my runs, even though I really did not have any valid excuses.

Despite Jeanne’s best coaching efforts of following up with emails and chats, I did not stick to her schedule. Horrible horrible client!

However, I still claim to be a perfect client for this running program.

Going in Fit and Healthy

Before I explain why I am a perfect client, I need to be very clear on something. I went into this program fit. I walk, I do yoga, I garden, I do home renovations involving lifting heavy drywall.

I am also healthy. I do not smoke. I consume very little alcohol. I eat small portions based on a low glycemic load.

I have also been running off and on since I was sixteen years old, and have participated in 5K runs, 10K runs, and have power walked a half marathon.

All of this adds up to me being able to bend the rules.

Best Client Ever

So, how on earth can I be a best client ever of Jeanne’s running program when I am not sticking to her three run per week schedule?

Because I am still following it!

I have never stuck to a fitness program in my life. I abhore routine. The artist in me cannot stand it! I get bored stupid and I quit.I need variety and I need to do something when the mood strikes me. When I feel like running, I simply grab my Blackberry loaded up with the next running audio file and I head out the door.

Having a virtual running coach is the best program ever for me! I am absolutely hooked on Ignite! and when I do make it through all the runs for the KICKStart 5K program, I am going to ask Jeanne for a 10K program. That will get me through this running season. When I come out of hibernation next year, I will simply start all over again.

Results Not Typical

By now Jeanne is quivering in her running shoes, so I need to go back to my disclaimer. This pick up and go at will running process works for me, because I am already fit, healthy and a life long runner.

If you are new to running, or are working at getting yourself back into shape, follow Jeanne’s instructions to the letter. She is the expert and has designed her program for an injury free and enjoyable experience. Once you are running 5K and 10K then and only then can you start bending the rules.

Ignite your running fire!

Ready to hit the trails and feel the power of what your body can accomplish?

I give Jeanne’s KICKSTart 5K program a two thumbs up!

For more information visit: Run Ignited!

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