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When I first saw the title of Patricia V. Davis’ book, The Diva Doctrine, I wondered if I even wanted to be a diva. It seemed to have negative connotations. However, Patricia seemed really super cool, so I decided to conjure up images of divas before I started reading.

Granted, most of the images came from movies, but this is what I came up with:

  • divas are surrounded by a flock of people who love them dearly
  • divas laugh unabashedly right from their gut
  • they dress in their own unique style –which often involves a feather boa — and don’t give a hoot about what is in or out
  • they have meat on their bones and they flaunt it
  • divas have sex, even if they are old
  • they enjoy the sensuality of food and drink
  • when a diva speaks, people listen
  • they mentor younger women on how to become divas in their own right

Huh, well nothing wrong with any of that! So, I cracked open the book and dove in.

Here is Patricia’s definition of a diva:

A “diva” in the true sense of the word, is a woman who’s clever, confident, classy, powerful, passionate and compassionate.”

Holy crumpets! That describes a Silver & Grace woman! Now Patricia really had my attention.

What I discovered was a diva, that would be Patricia, mentoring younger women how to become divas in their own right. Covering everything from body image, to self worth, to talking to men, to choosing men, to freeing yourself of people who do not deserve your diva awesomeness.

And I agreed with every single word she said, because it turns out I too am a diva, and know exactly of what Patricia speaks.

Whether you are a young woman starting on the path to divadom, or an older woman still trying to embrace your inner diva, The Diva Doctrine is the guide book for you.

 Silver & Grace Approved Books

The Diva Doctrine has the Silver & Grace Seal of Approval as an excellent resource for women. It is available on Amazon.

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