Return to Modelling at Sixty

I love love love when women send me their ‘fun, sexy, intelligent and real’ stories. Did I mention I love it?

Recently, I received a story from Dorothy Brooks, who used to model as a young woman and recently returned to it … at age sixty! Here’s her story in her own words.

My mother was a model for Bergdorf Goodman in the fifties; she is the one that took me to a model agency when I was 17. When I moved to Washington D.C., 27 years ago, I signed with an agency in Georgetown and did print, runway, commercials, and voice over. Several years later I started my own casting agency that went from 40 models to a database of 2000. I spun off into photography, 14 years ago, shooting actors, models, CD Covers and Executives. I learned much about photography working with photographers over the years.

Many people along the way had asked me to model again. I didn’t think much about it over the years, then it hit me this year looking at Boomer ads and commercials. I put it on the Bucket List.

I have had much fun putting together a portfolio at sixty years old. Being on the other side of the camera, it is a lot of work to get that perfect expression that will sell a product. I am excited to see where this takes me and am working with an agent in Maryland that is wonderful and very helpful.

Dorothy doesn’t stop there. Her bucket list is big enough to hold the dream of NYC.

I would love to do some work in New York and have sent pictures to Ford Models. Their classic division is terrific!

Model to agent to photographer and back to model. Now that is fun, sexy, intelligent and real. Go, Dorothy!

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You can check out Dorothy’s beautiful photography work at Dorothy Brooks Photography.

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