Shamanic Chakra Cleansing

ChakrasI have total book attention deficit. Right now I am juggling three — yes, three — books on shamanism. So, for today’s post I am moving away from The Way of the Shaman, and doing an exercise from Alberto Villoldo’s Shaman, Healer, Sage.

I teach an exercise to cleanse chakras, but it involves simply visualization. Villoldo’s technique involves touch as well. Okay, touch in the sense that you perceive the chakras with your fingers. It will be more clear as I describe the exercise.

Chakras, in case this is a new concept to you, are focal points in your energy field. There are seven main ones, and I will go through each one as I walk you through my exercise. The idea is that chakras can get built up with energy gunk, and should be cleaned on a regular basis. Preferably daily, just like brushing your teeth.

You can easily try this exercise yourself. You simply twist your fingers counter-clockwise over a chakra and ‘feel’ the gunk winding around your fingers. You then wash off the gunk. Villoldo recommends doing this in the shower; I did it in my hot tub. You keep twisting until you no longer sense any gunk. You then twist your fingers clockwise, to get your chakra spinning nicely again. Think of them as little vortexes of energy.

Okay, here is what I found.

First Chakra – red – base of the spine – keeping your rectum, legs, feet, testosterone and estrogen healthy. It represents feeding, shelter, safety, ability to provide for oneself.

My experience – I wasn’t quite sure what chakra gunk would feel like. For me, it was a thick very sticky substance. It felt like a spider web, or cotton candy, but I sensed that it was black like old car oil (Hubby has been doing a lot of car work lately, so I know what that looks like). I twisted the gunk as instructed and then scrubbed my hand in the hot tub water. I did this a couple of times, until there was no more gunk, then I wound up my chakra and ‘saw’ it as a healthy red colour and ‘sensed’ it was spinning freely. I would say that my estrogen is a bit out of whack … hey, I’m fifty!

Second Chakra – orange – under the belly button – digestion, intestines, kidneys, urinary tract, sexual potency, adrenaline, lower back pain, menstrual pain, loss of appetite. Represents power, money, sex, fear, fighting, passion, self-esteem, sexual or emotional abuse, inherited parental issues, incest.

Okay, this chakra I could barely twist. I know if you are new to this, it might be challenging to understand the very real physical manifestation of the body’s energy, but literally I had to force my fingers to twist my chakra there was such resistance. I am not surprised. I have totally fallen off my healthy eating regime, so my digestion, intestines and kidneys are not very happy with me. As for the psychological aspect, I constantly battle my money anxiety. Eventually, I got the chakra twisting nicely, de-gunked, and wound up in the right direction.

The rest of my chakras were pretty clean, so I will simply tell you where they are located and what they represent.

Third Chakra – yellow – solar plexus – stomach, abdomen, liver, pancreas, storing and releasing energy, spleen. Represents courage, power, expression in the world.

Fourth Chakra – green – heart – circulatory system, lungs, breasts, heart, asthma, immune deficiencies. Represents love, hope, surrender to another, compassion, intimacy.

Fifth Chakra – blue – throat – throat, mouth, neck, esophagus. Represents manifesting dreams, creativity, communication, faith.

Sixth Chakra – indigo – forehead – brain, eyes, nervous system. Represents reason and logic, intelligence, empathy, depression, stress-related disorders, denial.

Seventh Chakra – violet – crown of the head – skin, brain, hormonal balances. Represents selflessness, integrity, wisdom.

I much prefer this exercise to the straight visualization. I am very tactile, so to be able to ‘feel’ the health of my chakras is much more informative. For example, the fact that I could barely turn my second chakra is a huge wake-up call for me.

I invite you to try this exercise. You never know what additional information you will receive about your physical and spiritual health!

Gracefully yours

~ Eliza

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