Shamanic Sensing: Going beyond the eyes

Source is Wikipedia

Source is Wikipedia

Well, it is a good thing I have three shamanism books on the go, because I have to put Alberto Villoldo’s Shaman, Healer, Sage aside for the next six days. I have come to a point in the exercises where I have to practice ‘seeing’ the world without using my eyes. I could do this all in one day, but I have decided to give each sense a full day to explore.

The first exercise is to sense my heart beat and the flow of my blood. I was to start by taking my pulse at my wrist. I couldn’t find it! To say this was alarming is an understatement. I mean, I have no idea when I moved from human to vampire or zombie. And which was I? There are advantages and disadvantages to both. The most serious disadvantage of being vampire is I love the sun. But, being a zombie meant that all my video gaming children, children-in-laws, nieces and nephews are well versed in zombie hunting, and I clearly would not be safe.

I switched to the pulse in my neck and was relieved to discover that it was very strong. Whew! Human after all.

The instructions were to not time the pulse, but to simply sense it. Even under one finger, I could feel the movement of the blood like a tiny wave. I ‘heard’ gu-lub, gu-lub, gu-lub. Sounded kind of like the call of an amorous bull frog if you ask me.

From there I was to perceive the blood flowing throughout my body. This was actually pretty humbling. All of a sudden I was aware of rivers of nutrients flowing in every part of my body. I started to tingle all over, including right in my brain. Whew, that sensation was kind of overwhelming, so I moved to just my heart.

I have a heart murmur that has been present since birth. It poses no health risks to me, but when I focused on my heart I could ‘see’ that a valve wasn’t closing properly. It was like a cat door that almost flapped shut, but not quite. I could ‘see’ that at teeny trickle of blood was always flowing over the rim of my heart cat door.

Then something occurred to me. Could I will it shut?!

I focused my mind’s eye on the valve. Each time it flapped shut I tried to push it fully closed. I wasn’t successful, but this is not to say that I couldn’t be if I put my mind to it … literally put my mind to it. Huh, something to pursue.

Well, that was all very interesting.

It was like my very own Fantastic Voyage!

Gracefully yours,

~ Eliza

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