Summer care for older skin

It’s important to get adequate protection in the summer no matter what your age, but as you enter your 40s there is the added concern of sun-induced ageing. UVA rays emitted by the sun can cause some real damage to the collagen and elastin fibres present in the skin, and once these break down the face starts to lose its youthful plumpness, and lines begin to appear. You can slow this process down by using skincare with SPF protection.

All sorts of products have an SPF sunscreen, from foundation to your everyday moisturiser. A great way to combine the two and get a subtle hint of colour for the summer is to use a BB cream, a hybrid skincare and makeup product that is really hot in the beauty circuit right now. Chances are your favourite brand has brought out their own version of the BB cream, and they all have the same sort of function: to even out your skin tone, to infuse skin with moisture, to provide anti-ageing protection, and to shield skin with an SPF. It’s an easy all-in-one skincare product this summer.

Around the eyes and lips are two key places that need extra attention once you reach your 40s. Years of laughing, talking and smiling leave an imprint on your skin, and while these are a wonderful indicator of good times had, they can be worrisome too. Minimise the signs of ageing around the mouth with a firming balm which will hydrate the fine lines caused by dehydration, and will also temporarily fill even the deepest wrinkles for smoother skin.

Eyes are another area that age quickly once the elastin fibres have broken down. Remedy this with an anti-ageing eye gel, which will refresh and cool the eye area while plumping and hydrating the skin.

It’s not just your face that needs attention in the summer – you might want to prep your body for the sun, too. Like the eyes and the lips, your hands are one of the first places to reveal signs of ageing. Battle this by carrying a hand cream with added SPF in your handbag. Having it with you at all times will remind you to use it more frequently, plus having soft and smooth hands is always a lovely thing!

Take care of your body with a firming cream that will work to tone and streamline your silhouette in time for the swimwear season. The method of application is just as important as the formula here – work it into the skin vigorously using long seeping motions that will stimulate blood flow and drain lymphatic fluids. If you’re using a false tanner this summer, make sure that it has SPF protection or follow it up with a sunscreen.

Finally, take care of your hair. UV rays can be so very damaging to your locks, as they sap it of moisture and accelerate colour fade. Counteract this by using a shampoo and conditioner with UV filters.

Now you’re all set for some safe fun in the sun!

Emma is a pale-skinned writer who always has to pay extra attention to sun protection. She writes for, a British skincare and fragrance website.

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