Being In The Zone

Phillie Casablanca on

“One of the strongest signs of being in the zone is a sense of freedom and authenticity.” _ Ken Robinson in The Element Once I got to this sentence in Ken Robinson’s book The Element, I had what I call a Pause Moment. That is the point I have to stop reading and ponder the […]

Embracing Sensuality


My pursuit of pampering continues with the exploration of sensuality. Sensuality, not sexuality. I might explore pampering through sexuality, but focus people …sensuality. Sensual: arousing or exciting the appetite or senses. It was quite accidental! Hubby and I went out for Date Night and selected a restaurant that was recommended to us. This landed us […]

Book Review: Full Cup, Thirsty Spirit

Full Cup Thirsty Spirit

It is pretty obvious I like Karen Horneffer-Ginter’s book Full Cup, Thirsty Spirit. I have already referenced her in these three posts: I Carefully Selected My Word For 2013 My Love Hate Relationship With Lists How to Regain Balance. I also have twenty-two more passages marked to put further thought to. So, why do I […]

How to Regain Balance

Alaskan Dude on

“Typically in order to bring balance to our system, we need the opposite of what we’ve been immersed in.” _ Karen Horneffer-Ginter in Full Cup, Thirsty Spirit Often it is the simplest sentence that brings me up short while reading. Horneffer-Ginter’s statement above is very simple. If you are off kilter, do something to swing […]

Overcoming Guilt of Pampering

Stepheye on

Last week I announced my Word for 2013. It is pampering. I also vowed to consistently pamper myself through out this year and report back to you.So, my first pampering action was to go to a coffee shop. “Geez, Eliza, that’s it?” Well, yes. I will explain why I consider this pampering in a moment. […]

I Carefully Selected My Word for 2013

Mark Kens on

Something fun that many people do is select a word for the year. This word provides a guiding focus. I discovered that careful thought should be put into selecting this word. It can be a case of be careful what you wish for. For example, one year I chose the word surrender. Big mistake! The […]

2012 In Review: Top 10 Silver & Grace Articles

Wow! Where did 2012 go? I don’t know about you, but to me it zipped right by. Yet, at that same time I cannot even count all the wonderful things that happened this year and positive changes. I seem to have packed a whole lot in! 2013 is going to be even more awesome! During […]

First and foremost we are energy

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I started my Reiki training Monday night. Okay, super cool stuff. It is everything I know, do, and teach rolled up into one nice neat little package. One statement jumped out at me at the very beginning of the evening. Our Reiki Master, Kathy, said First and foremost we are energy Nothing new to me, […]

People and Trees


Last night I attended the Loreena McKennitt concert. Not only was it an experience of her phenomenal music, but she told wonderful stories as well. In one of them, she said it always fascinated her how it is a very human experience to develop an affinity to trees. This one sentence jumped out at me. […]

Sometimes rules do not apply

DanBrady on

Something comes up in every single Tarot workshop I teach. It is the “How do I” question. How do I shuffle the cards? How do I select a card? How do I store the cards? Consternation is written all over my students’ faces when I respond with “However it feels right for you.” Invariably, they […]