Spirit Guide Advice: Life is a Gloriously Fun Game

Page of Pentacles - Revelations Tarot Deck

Tarot Card Prompt: Page of Pentacles Eliza: Dear guides, who is participating today? Guides: Margaret Eliza’s Note: Margaret is about eight years old. She has blonde hair coiffed carefully into ringlets. She wears a white dress with a large ruffle around the bottom. Think of the original drawings of Alice in Wonderland, that is what […]

Spirit Guide Advice: Attracting True Love

Page of Cups - Revelations Tarot Deck

Tarot Card Prompt: Page of Cups Eliza: Dear guides, who is participating today? Guides: Mary Ann Eliza’s Note: Mary Ann is my Rocker Chick guide. Yes, guides can be Rocker Chicks. She has dark brown hair cut in a very short pixie style. She wears tight jeans, high boots and a black tank top. She paces when […]

The Gift of Transformation: Becoming an Elder

Jennifer Boire

The transformative process that women go through at menopause can be compared to the fate of the caterpillar and the butterfly. Everyone loves the sparkly colours, the gossamer wings, but we forget that the lowly worm-like being has totally melted down inside that cocoon, before growing into a beautiful creature. Likewise, menopause for many women […]

Embracing the Empress in You: On Being Assertive


Once one is committed, all manner and form of opportunity will arise which would not be there otherwise. Credited to various sages throughout time When the lovely Eliza Fayle reached out to her tribe with an invitation to delve into the qualities of The Empress, she offered a list of qualities of heart, mind and […]

The Challenges of Groundedness


Of all the many qualities of personality, I think groundedness may be the least clearly defined. A Google search on “grounded” brings up more references to punishing teenagers than concepts of what grounded means as a quality of being. And as I try to put words to the experience of being grounded, I find it […]

What are you capable of?

Kelly Rotar

At age 51 I have taken up pole fitness. This is the most physically demanding sport I have ever undertaken, but from the first time a friend taught me a simple spin, I was hooked.  Age 51, peeps! I am not only lifting my own body weight, but holding myself upside down with just my legs. […]

Is your noisy mind holding you back?

Noisy mind

Natter, natter, natter. That is what your mind does all day. On and on it drones … don’t forget today is garbage day why on earth did you eat that piece of cake? oh dear, I shouldn’t have said that how am I going to get Susie to hockey and Johnny to basketball? I really […]

Being In The Zone

Phillie Casablanca on Flickr.com

“One of the strongest signs of being in the zone is a sense of freedom and authenticity.” _ Ken Robinson in The Element Once I got to this sentence in Ken Robinson’s book The Element, I had what I call a Pause Moment. That is the point I have to stop reading and ponder the […]

Embracing Sensuality


My pursuit of pampering continues with the exploration of sensuality. Sensuality, not sexuality. I might explore pampering through sexuality, but focus people …sensuality. Sensual: arousing or exciting the appetite or senses. It was quite accidental! Hubby and I went out for Date Night and selected a restaurant that was recommended to us. This landed us […]

Book Review: Full Cup, Thirsty Spirit

Full Cup Thirsty Spirit

It is pretty obvious I like Karen Horneffer-Ginter’s book Full Cup, Thirsty Spirit. I have already referenced her in these three posts: I Carefully Selected My Word For 2013 My Love Hate Relationship With Lists How to Regain Balance. I also have twenty-two more passages marked to put further thought to. So, why do I […]

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