Tarot: Caring For Your Deck

Is there a special way to care for your Tarot deck? The answer to the question is yes and no. How is that for an answer?

When I took my first Tarot lessons, I was instructed that had to wrap the deck in silk, store it with salt, and once in awhile recharge the deck by placing it under a crystal. After awhile, I realized that this was the ritual used by the instructor of the course, and not a Must Do.

There is nothing wrong with ritual. In fact, it can put you in the right frame of mind, enhancing your reading experience. I have settled into keeping my cards in pretty bags, and the one I use the most sits on my bookcase under a crystal.

More importantly, think of your deck as a tool. We carefully clean our good kitchen knives and use a knife rack. We clean the dirt from our gardening tools and protect them from rust. If we are artists, we carefully clean and store our brushes.

Caring for your Tarot deck, therefore, is pretty straight forward and common sense:

  • protect the cards from getting bent
  • keep them away from potential liquid spills
  • store them somewhere the dog can’t grab them and chew on them

If your cards to get wet, gently pat them dry. If they lose their slipperiness, you can rub a little baby powder onto them.

Beyond that, feel free to create your own rituals associated with caring for your cards, but do not feel you have to.

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