Tarot: How to ask the right questions

Working with Tarot cards is not fortune telling. Yes, there are very talented people whose intuition is so finally tuned they truly can read future energies. But even they rarely give black and white answers to questions. Instead, they talk about potential events based on the energies present right here and now.

The goal of using cards is to develop your intuition is to problem solve, not receive yes or no answers.

For example:

“Will I get a job promotion?” requires a yes or no answer. Sure, you might get a job promotion based on the energies present at the moment. However, changes in events can modify the energies turning a yes to a no.

Instead, a better question to ask is “What do I need to work on to increase my chances of getting a promotion?”

Similarly, “Is my marriage in trouble?” is black and white. Truth be told, if you are asking that question, you already know the answer, which makes the reading not very helpful.

Change this to “how am I contributing to a troubled relationship with my spouse?” and you will receive meaningful information from your reading that will help in your spiritual and emotional growth.

Before you start each reading, check to see if your question elicits a yes or no answer. If it does, phrase the question in a way that will provide you with information about the situation and your own thoughts, feelings and emotions.

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