Tarot: It Was Just a Card Game

There is an air of mystery surrounding Tarot cards, but in fact their origins are quite mundane. Tarot was simply a game of cards.

Tarot started to be referenced around 1440 in the form of a card game named Triumph. Beautiful artistic decks of cards were designed for the nobles to play a game similar to bridge. The decks contained four suits numbered one through ten, and court cards of queen, king, knight, page.

Sound familiar? Our modern decks have four suits numbered one through ten plus the jack, queen and king.

The game of Triumph was also played with twenty-two symbolic cards that were the trump cards. These cards, however, were not standardized until the late 15th century by cardmakers in Marseilles, France.

It truly is as mundane as that. The use of Tarot for divination did not occur for another three hundred years.

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