Tarot: Placing Your Cards in a Layout

Tarot cards are selected and placed on the table in different configurations called layouts or spreads. There are many different layouts, each one designed to help you with a different type of challenge.

Each layout has a position order. For example, in the basic Three Card layout, the positions mean the following:

Position 1 = Past
Position 2 = Present
Position 3 = Future

It is important to lay the cards out in the right order.


Ah! Because each card contains energy that you transferred to it. It might appear that you are selecting the cards in a totally random fashion, but in actual fact you are picking the right card to address the situation. In the Three Card layout, the first card you pick is THE card to talk about the Past, so it must go in Position 1.

Getting ready to read the cards

  1. Think of a question you want answered or a situation you would like some clarity on.
  2. Shuffle your cards. Any way that feels good to you. My grandmother was an avid card player, so I learned to cut the deck and do that fancy thumb shuffle. But if you like the other traditional way to shuffle cards, that’s great. You can even spread them all over the table and mush them around.
  3. Select the cards from the deck. Again, whatever feels right to you. You can cut the deck first. You can select cards off the top of the pile. You can pick them out randomly. You can fan the cards on the table and pick them out.
  4. Place the cards face down in position order.

At this point you can turn the cards over one at a time, or all at once. I like to do it one at a time so I can first focus on one card before moving onto the next one. I recommend doing this until you are really comfortable with doing readings. At which point you can switch to turning them over all at once if you want.

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