Tarot: Reading Cards in Reverse

When a Tarot card shows up in the reverse position (upside down!) it indicates that energy is blocked. However, reading reversed cards is purely a matter of preference.

Some people turn all their cards into the upside right position for their readings. Others are strict about leaving the cards in the positions they are dealt in. Some readers, me included, decide per reading how we are going to read them.

If you are new to Tarot, I recommend you turn all the cards right side up. You will get a very accurate reading, and it makes interpreting the cards a lot easier.

Once you become comfortable as a Tarot reader, then you can experiement with reading reverse cards. You will find that your eyes will be drawn to very different images in your cards, sparking whole new intuitive thoughts. As well, when you look at the layout as a whole, you will can quickly tell at a glance if energy is flowing freely, or is blocked.

Once you decide to read reverse cards, make sure you turn the cards over from side to side (long side to long side). If you flip them over top to bottom (short side to short side) you will reverse the reverse!

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