Tarot: The Switch to Divination

In my post It Was Just a Card Game, I explain that the origins of Tarot were quite mundane. But, today we think of Tarot as a divination tool. When did that happen?

Although Tarot has been around as a card came since the mid 1400s, it did become a divination tool until the late 1700s. At this time, symbols started to appear on the cards a mneunomics and communication tools for spiritual groups and secret sects and societies.

In the 19th century, occultist Eliphas Levi linked the Hebrew system of mysticism, Kabbalah, with the Tarot. This was the tipping point for Tarot going more main stream. A further push occured in the late 19th and 20th century groups such as The Theosophical Society, The Hermetic Order of the Gold Dawn, The Rosicurcians, and the Church of Light solidified Tarot as a spiritual tool.

North America was a tad slower to pick up Tarot, and it did not become common place until the 1960s when spiritual enlightenment became du jour.

The reason for Tarot’s popularity across different languages and cultures is the fact that it is visual. The symbols used are archetypal, based on global mythology. No longer used as a trump card game, Tarot has become a much employed tool for spiritual growth and development.

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