The Top 4 Online Dating Tips for Women over 40

For the 40 plus single woman in today’s world, it can be pretty tough out there when it comes to looking for love or a meaningful relationship. If you are venturing out onto the dating scene again and can relate, there are a few things that may have changed since the last time you visited…

The new reality for relationships in 2011 is that they are leaning more and more towards online dating. Especially when you are over the age of 40. By signing up to a few dating websites that cater to your specific needs, you will gain access to thousands of singles like yourself, looking for love by modern means. To get the most out of your online experience and maximize your chances for success, follow these four simple online dating tips:

#1: Be honest, be yourself. This will probably be the most important lesson you learn in your online dating journey. When filling out your online dating profile and connecting with other singles, be sure to be truthful about the information you disclose about yourself. If the truth is stretched on anything—even on something seemingly small like a profile picture that was taken fifteen years ago—it can create a world of trouble for you down the road. The truth will come out eventually and a sure start to a doomed relationship is a lie.
Just remember that to attract someone who is right for you, your best bet is to be yourself and stay true to your values. If a potential partner doesn’t accept you for who you are then they are not the one.

#2: Showcase yourself. You know you’re a catch and any man would be lucky to have you. But does your online dating profile highlight how smart, funny and charming (the list goes on, of course) you are? This is your opportunity to market yourself to gentlemen who have thousands of other ladies available to them with the click of a mouse—be original and set yourself apart by highlighting your specific qualities, characteristics and the parts of life you enjoy.

After you’ve set up your online profile that is guaranteed to capture the hearts of online singles worldwide and line up dates for you to keep you booked through next year, revisit your information on your page from time to time. Make updates as you see fit and try to look at your profile as another person viewing it for the first time.

#3: Stay upbeat. When interacting with fellow singles across the World Wide Web, keep in mind that if you come across as despondent, bitter or desperate, you may miss out on a number of quality men because you have turned them away with your negativity. In your first communications with an online friend, it is also important not to dwell on serious topics like politics, religion or any serious issues regarding your past—there will be plenty of time for that later. Instead, focus on light-hearted subjects and embrace this opportunity you have to meet someone new. Remember to stay positive and a happy energy is sure to radiate from you, attracting a like-minded individual.

#4: Play it safe. Because of the anonymity that the internet provides, you never know who you might be dealing with. To avoid potential danger and minimize the risks that come along with online dating, be sure to use your best judgment and exercise extreme caution by following a few safety tips:

  • In early communications with an online suitor, never give out personally identifying material. This includes your home address, place of employment, phone number, email address, financial information, etc.
  • On you first couple of dates with a man you met on the web, never rely on him for transportation. Always let someone know where you are going and be sure to meet your date at a crowded, public place.
  • If ever a cyber-friend should make you feel uncomfortable at any point during your interactions, listen to your gut and cease all communication. Any man who is pursuing you for the right reasons won’t put you in a questionable situation and will respect your need for protection.

If you don’t find love right away, that’s okay…don’t rush! Know that every day, thousands of women over 40 are finding love and companionship online and you can too. Relax and bask in the fun you are having on this new adventure in your life!

Sabrina Jackson, shares with us her suggestions for online dating for women over 40. Sabrina is also the author of similar articles about dating and relationships for Free Dating Sites for Women.

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