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We become frightened of intelligence because so often in this world it is used as a tool against us. This is because we like to measure everything we can possibly measure right down to the atom of its very existence.

Intelligence is played out in our lives as an action word, as movement and as energy. The Great Intelligence was a descriptor for GOD in many cultures. This God could create and produce what is new and vulnerable – untried and untested. The Silver & Grace women are able to create and produce what is new and untested.

Our God-ness was able to problem-solve and deliver solutions. When the volcano had overflowed and built its job description, it was bound to cool down and solidify. Those who are using their intelligence are able to collect materials and integrate them into solid ideas and foundations. Ever changing beliefs.

Those who use their intelligence wisely are enabled to gather, build, liquefy, create, integrate, conjure, vision and play with ideas, solutions, and problems. They become unafraid – even emboldened.

Practicing making intelligent action produces faith and courage; intelligence allows one to remember and renew this movement.

Intelligence is feeding the grist to the mill stone and combining the movement into nurturance and energy for future needs and desires.

It is feeding our inner goddess with kindness and acknowledging the difference from the confines of the cup, the test score, the boundaries of measurements while still possessing the control of the ruler within.

Intelligence is the divinity of our action and the changes that we embrace.

Patricia R. Hamilton is a change artist in action, a teacher, a counselor, professional listener, and a utopian thinker. She is kind and generous, creative and loving; not to be remiss she is intense and capable. Patricia loves to write, sing and laugh. She is hoping that her words will inspire. You can find her at and

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