Website review: Going Gray Looking Great

I am very excited. This is my very first site review! And wow, what a site to start with! Going Gray Looking Great is your portal for absolutely everything you could possibly need to know about going gray, staying gray, and looking fabulous.

I recently reviewed Diana Lewis Jewell’s book entitled, no surprise, Going Gray, Looking Great! and in the process found her wonderful website. Do not bother doing any searches on going gray, ladies. Just come straight here. I would be highly surprised if you could find additional information on rocking your silver locks anywhere else.

As a matter of fact, I hardly know where to start! So, I’ll just follow the website menu listings and give you a brief description of what you will find.


Late breaking news – anything from fashion trends, to what the Silver Sisters are up to this week
Story Girls – stories of transitions and hair care from Silver Sisters
The latest and greatest on grays – what’s new section
Sites gglg likes – yours truly is listed there!

Gray Today

Fun facts and figures about going gray. For example:

More than 40% of Americans have some gray by their 40th birthday.
Over 70,000,000 women are now over 40.
Fully 1/3 of the population will be age 50 or older by 2010.

Great Grays

Inspirational stories by women who have gone gray, but my favourite part are all the stunning photographs. Think gray hair makes you look old? Check out these lovely ladies and see if you still cling to that belief.


A listing of Silver Sister events all over the States.

Hmmmm …. I do believe we go gray here in Canada too. Are you a gray haired fellow Canadian? Leave a comment below and cheer on our Silver Haired Canucks.


Thinking of going gray, but would love to have support during the transition phase? This section is just for you. There are even Newbie classes you can join!

Care & Treatment

Gray hair does need different care from coloured hair. If you want to learn how to get a glorious silver man, check this section out.

Beauty Basics

Afraid you gray hair will make you look all washed out? It’s just a simply matter of tweaking your make up routine.

Fashion Finds

You will have to change your wardrobe colours. No more oatmeal and beige for you, my darlings. This section provides you with everything you need to know about looking your best.

Book Boutique

If you don’t already own a copy of Going Gray Looking Great! this is where you buy it.

Cafe Gray

Chats and forums to support and learn from each other. And just to have fun!

The only downfall to Going Gray Looking Great is that there is so much information it can be quite overwhelming. I suggest you start off by clicking around to get the lay of the land. Then when you have specific challenges you are facing, come back and zero in that section of the website.

Energy just radiates off this website. Make sure you join Cafe Gray. The women found there have to be the most bubbly females on the face of this planet. Nothing but smiles …. and glorious gray hair.

Going Gray Looking Great can be found at

Gracefully yours,

~ Eliza


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