Website review: Going Gray Looking Great

I am very excited. This is my very first site review! And wow, what a site to start with! Going Gray Looking Great is your portal for absolutely everything you could possibly need to know about going gray, staying gray, and looking fabulous.

I recently reviewed Diana Lewis Jewell’s book entitled, no surprise, Going Gray, Looking Great! and in the process found her wonderful website. Do not bother doing any searches on going gray, ladies. Just come straight here. I would be highly surprised if you could find additional information on rocking your silver locks anywhere else.

As a matter of fact, I hardly know where to start! So, I’ll just follow the website menu listings and give you a brief description of what you will find.


Late breaking news – anything from fashion trends, to what the Silver Sisters are up to this week
Story Girls – stories of transitions and hair care from Silver Sisters
The latest and greatest on grays – what’s new section
Sites gglg likes – yours truly is listed there!

Gray Today

Fun facts and figures about going gray. For example:

More than 40% of Americans have some gray by their 40th birthday.
Over 70,000,000 women are now over 40.
Fully 1/3 of the population will be age 50 or older by 2010.

Great Grays

Inspirational stories by women who have gone gray, but my favourite part are all the stunning photographs. Think gray hair makes you look old? Check out these lovely ladies and see if you still cling to that belief.


A listing of Silver Sister events all over the States.

Hmmmm …. I do believe we go gray here in Canada too. Are you a gray haired fellow Canadian? Leave a comment below and cheer on our Silver Haired Canucks.


Thinking of going gray, but would love to have support during the transition phase? This section is just for you. There are even Newbie classes you can join!

Care & Treatment

Gray hair does need different care from coloured hair. If you want to learn how to get a glorious silver man, check this section out.

Beauty Basics

Afraid you gray hair will make you look all washed out? It’s just a simply matter of tweaking your make up routine.

Fashion Finds

You will have to change your wardrobe colours. No more oatmeal and beige for you, my darlings. This section provides you with everything you need to know about looking your best.

Book Boutique

If you don’t already own a copy of Going Gray Looking Great! this is where you buy it.

Cafe Gray

Chats and forums to support and learn from each other. And just to have fun!

The only downfall to Going Gray Looking Great is that there is so much information it can be quite overwhelming. I suggest you start off by clicking around to get the lay of the land. Then when you have specific challenges you are facing, come back and zero in that section of the website.

Energy just radiates off this website. Make sure you join Cafe Gray. The women found there have to be the most bubbly females on the face of this planet. Nothing but smiles …. and glorious gray hair.

Going Gray Looking Great can be found at

Gracefully yours,

~ Eliza


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  1. Eliza,

    You did a great job reviewing this website, it is so loaded with information, but you summarized it well! has been a great support to me. I’ve been a member since November 2010 and have made many new friends. You are right, this is a great, happy group of ladies! They are always willing to give helpful advice and encouragement, and not only in the transition to gray hair, but in all areas of life.

    Diana has covered everything there is to know about how to have beautiful gray hair, as well as fashion, beauty products, etc.. I have learned what colors look good with silver hair, and have gathered many tips on makeup!

    I owe Diana Jewel so much, I am not sure I’d be able to do it alone!

    • @Bazha – Oh good! There is such a wealth of information, but I wanted to be able to give people a roadmap of what they can expect to find. Thanks for confirming I did this. I have the clothing figured out–actually thanks to my incredibly talented daughter–but now I have to work on makeup. I will definitely be reading the related articles on Going Gray Looking Great.

  2. Eliza, thank you so much for this lovely review. And, hey, we do know women in Canada go gray. We have a lot of Canadian members — and even some “Newbies!” If this is your very first website review, you covered all the bases very well. Can’t wait to read your next one!

  3. livinfree says:

    Wonderful review! You did a marvelous job of summarizing ALL of the information Diana Jewell has provided on Going Gray Looking Great website. I am currently transitioning myself and have been able to make a challenging situation quite enjoyable with what I have learned from GGLG. I have learned how to better care for my skin, adjust my wardrobe and my make up in order to look my best. As well as feel good about this change happening in my life.
    And the friends, well, where else could one go to find ‘grayt’ friends with something so unique in common.
    I completely agree with your statement “Just come straight here.” Going Gray Looking Great has is ALL.

    • @livinfree – I think the huge benefit of a common place to meet and chat is that there is so much more going on than transitioning our hair colour. For me, it was the beginning of a huge personal and spiritual transformation. And only people going through that, or who have gone through it, can really share it in discussion and support.

  4. I love seeing a woman that can pull off the grey hair and look so elegant! Unfortunately I am not one of those ladies. I am more of a girly girl and don’t have that sophisticated look… Love your post!
    Denise G´s last blog post ..Awesome Day With Friends

    • @Denise – Girly Girl is not how I would describe myself :-) Interestingly though I related more to tomboy. Oh, I can look sophisticated and most often that is how I dress for work, but I can swill beer with the Boys and wield a hammer, and I am most comfortable in jeans, tank top and a blazer. However, gray hair is not for everyone. It’s about whatever makes you comfortable in your own skin. That is what is important.

  5. I have Diana’s invaluable book “Going Gray and Looking Great” and have been a ‘silver sister’ on her website for 2 /2 years. If there’s anyone out there who is considering going gray, I suggest both.

    Although I have been transitioned for quite awhile, I stick around to see what’s what. It’s a lot of fun reading what newbies have to say as it reminds me of days gone by for me.

    There’s so much support from lovely and caring gals. Pictures and stories illustrate to one and all just how anyone can go gray and look great. Kudos to our OZ, Diana.

    • @Barbara – I am a total sucker for photographs. Give me a book with a section of photographs and I am going there first. Photo albums lying around at someone’s place? I’m flipping through the pages. Facebook photo albums? I’m stalking them :-) All this to say, I love checking into GGLG just to look at the new photos.

  6. Great job reviewing this site, Eliza!

    @ Diana – I am signing up as a “silver sister” post haste! I have been “gray” since I was 13…traumatic childhood…I covered it up back then, but by the time the last of my 4 daughters was born, I was told by my doc to stop dyeing my hair or I was going to go bald. So, at thirty-something I cut it real short and let it go. Have never regretted it! I look healthier and younger than I did when I was coloring.

    One thing we “sistas” might think about doing is using our amazing numbers to let L’Oreal know that we are out here. They used to have a wonderful rinse that took out the yellow and enhanced the silver. They discontinued it because, “there wasn’t enough interest in it.” That was ten or so years ago…I think interest may have increased from what I read on your site!
    Linda M. Rhinehart Neas´s last blog post ..A Worn Path

    • @Linda – interestingly, I find using the baking soda strips away the yellow, but I still have a lot of strands of brunette mixed in. I wonder if that would be enough for your beautiful white hair. But you make a very good point. It’s time beauty product marketers got with the times!

  7. Hi Eliza,

    Thanks for the great review. I am one of those Canadians who is going grey. Actually, almost gone grey after several months I am very close to being finished. I don’t think I would have made the decision if I hadn’t had the support of the Silver SIsters and Diana on the GGLG website. I would highly recommend anyone who is considering it have a good look at the site. You will receive nothing but support and encouragement.

    I do think that hairstylists and salons are starting to respond to what we want. I went through several stylists when I started and a lot of resistance for the two years before that. All told me I would look “much older” and my hair “wouldn’t be as thick or healthy” . Neither happened. My hair had started to fall out and only stopped when I ended the colouring. It seems fairly obvious to me that there is a lot of money to be made in the business of colouring hair.

    I found a salon and stylist that supports what I wanted to do and has worked with me to keep it looking great while it grows out. It may take a while but it seems to be our voices are being heard. Articles like yours will only help.

    • @Mina – My hairstylist (at the time) tried very hard to talk me out of going gray. However, once he realized I was standing firm I was very impressed with him. He really took up the challenge on making the transitioning process not only painless but extremely stylish. I had complete strangers stopping me on the street complimenting me on the wonderful mix of colour, highlights and gray in my hair.

  8. We’re here and we got the $.

  9. Michele Kurtz says:


    This is my third attempt at going gray. My last try was last year and my hair color was grown out and I was completely gray. However, I didn’t feel comfortable even though I did get compliments. However when I colored it back people did say I look younger with it colored. I’m tired of coloring and I am 55 soI figure what the heck!!! I’m trying again!!!

    • Michele – you go! The interesting thing I found is that while people might say we look younger with our hair coloured, they do not say we look older than our age with it naturally grey. They guess our age accurately. Looking younger can be highly over rated :) I say ROCK OUT looking 55!

  10. Andria Hiselman says:

    I need support on this. Dying my hair brunette was a losing and tiresome battle. I’m 6 months into this now. My mom is snow white and so was my grandmother. I’m 48 and ready for a change.
    I’m hoping it will land me some lifestyle modeling gigs.

    • Andria – as luck would have it for you, I am launching a free subscription online magazine in October dedicated to rocking your silver locks. Stay tuned! :) In the meantime, you might want to join this awesome Facebook group where we support each other through transitioning and beyond. Tell Sharon (the moderator) that Eliza sent you :)


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